MP powerlifters excel at state meet

Madison-Plains senior Pegasio Xenikis prepares for a squat at the Ohio High School State Powerlifting Meet, held March 19 at Kenton High School.

(Posted March 23, 2022)

By Kristy Zurbrick, Madison Editor

Members of the Madison-Plains High School powerlifting team proved once again they are among the strongest student-athletes in the state of Ohio.

The Eagles came away from the Ohio High School State Powerlifting Meet, held March 19 at Kenton High School, with three individual state champions and two team school records.

Placing first in their weight classes were junior Molly Barber and seniors Savannah Reed and Tyson Guiette. Reed also registered the top squat (265 pounds) in her weight class. Guiette had the top squat (470 pounds) and top deadlift (465 pounds) in his weight class.

Three members of the Madison-Plains powerlifting team earned state titles: (from left) junior Molly Barber, senior Tyson Guiette and senior Savannah Reed.

The girls’ team placed second in overall team total with 5,105 pounds, breaking the previous school record of 4,785 pounds set in 2019. The boys’ team placed fourth in overall team total with 12,130 pounds, breaking the previous school record of 12,040 pounds set last year. Overall team totals are determined by adding together each team member’s best bench, deadlift and squat performances at the meet. For the girls, the best performances of eight lifters count toward the overall total; for the boys, 12 lifters’ efforts count.

Coach Mike Siders is proud of his entire team’s showing at state.

“They battled all day,” he said.

In addition to the standout performances already mentioned, senior Rylee Davis had the best deadlift (325 pounds) in her class, and junior Ady Hull, had the best squat (265 pounds) in her class.

The top six girls and the top 12 boys in each class were named state placers. Other Madison-Plains lifters who placed at state are as follows:

Chloe Kelly, junior, second;

Ady Hull, junior, third;

Reagan Nichols, sophomore, third;

Rylee Davis, senior, fifth;

Alisha Burley, freshman, sixth;

Ty Sollars, senior, fourth;

Garik Wardell, senior, fourth;

Kasey England Widas, junior, fourth;

Sam Hawkins, junior, fifth;

Cainan Kelly, senior, fifth;

Pegasio Xenikis, senior, sixth;

Seth Marchiando, junior, sixth;

Trent Nibert, senior, eighth;

Jasen Johnston, junior, eighth;

Cameron Brown, sophomore, ninth;

Anthony Barr, junior, ninth;

Anthony Carter, sophomore, ninth;

Kevin Bentley, senior, ninth;

Drake Goings, sophomore, ninth;

Jakob Slagle, junior, ninth;

Hunter Mullins, sophomore, 10th;

Cole Davis, junior, 10th;

John Marks, senior, 10th;

Badar Fram, senior, 10th;

William Leaisure, senior, 11th;

Evan Morehart, senior, 11th; and

Cameron Dennehy, junior, 12th.

Besides praising his lifters, Siders also thanked the parents, school administration, and other fans for their support.

“How the entire community supports this program is awesome,” he said. “We get all the support to do what we need to do. It is much appreciated.”

The girls’ and boys’ Madison-Plains powerlifting teams each set school records at the state meet for overall total pounds lifted for bench, deadlift and squat.


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