Mount Sterling: Village looks to add another staffer

(Posted Aug. 15, 2018)

By Amanda Amsel, Staff Writer

Mount Sterling village council has taken the first step toward increasing its staffing potential, adding a mechanic position to its strength chart.

“We have never had this position within the village, and we have expensive equipment that needs to be maintained, so we are looking at hiring a mechanic in the future,” said Courtney Bricker, fiscal officer, following council’s Aug. 13 meeting.

Now that the position has been established, council can discuss the pay rate, benefits package, and filling the position.

Council needed to add the position to the strength chart before they could proceed, Bricker said.

“A strength chart is something every municipality should have,” she said. “The chart identifies people that work for the entity and are organized by position. All positions are listed on the chart, even if they are not filled.”

Bricker added that council can add or subtract positions from the chart and that all positions do not need to be filled.

In other action on Aug. 13, council approved an ordinance that prohibits people from parking motor vehicles on lawns for long periods of time.

“We have wanted to do this for a long time,” said council member David Timmons. “Some neighborhoods look like a junkyard or used car lot. Thank you, Tammy, for the great work.”

Tammy Vansickle, council member and head of the village’s nuisance committee, has made it her goal to clean up the village.

Residents can park in the grass for up to 48 hours, but after that, cars in violation of the ordinance will be tagged.

“I have the right to tag a car and then it will go to municipal court,” Vansickle said.

Council thanked resident Robert Siers for donating $300 to purchase plaques to accompany a half-dozen historical photos that hang in council chambers. The plaques will provide explanations as to who or what is pictured.

“I would like to thank Bob for supporting the village and attending every meeting,” Bricker said. “You are a dedicated resident, you attend work sessions, committee meetings, and it really shows your commitment to the community.”

Timmons said that, thanks to the donation, young village residents will learn about the history of the community.

The village is pursuing a grant for 200 water meters to continue to improve tracking of water usage.

“We desperately need these meters,” said Rebecca Burns, council member.

The village has been replacing old water meters. They recently ran out of replacements. The new meters provide more accurate usage information and ensure that residents are paying their fair share.

“We just want everyone to pay for water they use, no more and no less,” Bricker said.

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