Monroe Elementary students publish book

Monroe Elementary second-grader Brylee Castleberry (right) reads the book she and her classmates created as her teacher, Tracie House, holds the microphone.

(Posted May 24, 2023)

Monroe Elementary School, located in Plumwood and part of the Jonathan Alder School District, has announced that 19 of its students have become published authors through a national student publishing program.

As part of the publishing process, students in Tracie House’s second-grade class planned, wrote, and illustrated a book using a free publishing kit provided by Studentreasures Publishing. The topic of their books was weather.

The students worked on their book for approximately six weeks. Each student created an illustration and one page of writing for the book.

The idea to focus on weather came after the class discussed the different seasons during an earth science lesson.

“As we were discussing the seasons and how the weather changes, the students talked about their favorite season and what they like to do during that time of the year. That led us to the idea of what they would do if they could control the weather,” House said.

The Studentreasures Publishing program provides teachers with an easy way to incorporate any lesson plan–from math and science to history, art, and more–into a fun and memorable activity. Publishing a book in the classroom engages students through hands-on learning and inspires a love of reading and writing.

The school received a full-color, deluxe hardcover book for the teacher or school library. The students’ parents also have an option to purchase copies of the book.


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