Money sought for more improvements at SR 317 and Firehouse Lane

By Rick Palsgrove
Groveport Editor
The intersection of State Route 317 and Firehouse Lane could get more improvements.

Groveport City Council is considering legislation authorizing City Administrator B.J. King to apply for funding through the Ohio Public Works Commission for the Phase Two improvements at the intersection.

According to Groveport City Engineer Steve Farst, the Phase One improvements were done in 2018-19. That improvement included construction of the following: southbound right turn lane into the Groveport Madison High School campus; pedestrian accommodation with sidewalks, crosswalk and pedestrian signals; new traffic signal equipment including controller, signal poles/mast arms, signal heads; and a pre-emption system to accommodate Madison Township Fire Department emergency response.

“The Phase One project cost was $567,772, which was funded from an OPWC grant and loan to the city of Groveport and from local contribution from Madison Township and the Ohio Facilitates Construction Commission (through Groveport Madison Schools) for ‘Site Access Safety Improvements,’” said Farst.

He said the Phase 2 improvements would include modification to the northbound and southbound left turn lanes to: realign them to a position similar to the intersection at Directors Boulevard (known as “positive-offset”); and to extend the length of the southbound left turn lane to provide for more vehicle storage, and to include modifications to traffic signal equipment for the changes. Other ancillary improvements may be included related to pavement resurfacing of the intersection area.

“The cost estimate (for Phase Two) is not yet completed as the conceptual layout is under review,” said Farst. “Aside from a possible grant/loan from the OPWC, funding sources are under review.”

Farst said the start and completion dates for the project depend of the success of the application for funding assistance from the Ohio Public Works Commission.

“The intent is to possibly submit the OPWC funding application this year, in late August,” said Farst. “The outcome of an application filed this season, will not be known until December 2024. If the project were awarded funds, and subject to Groveport City Council approval of the annual budget to include this project, the construction of the project could begin as early as late 2025, but more likely begin in spring 2026.”

Farst said the improvements are needed because the current intersection layout is based on an older out-of-date ODOT design standard in place when the highway was designed and constructed in the 1970s.

“Due to traffic volume growth over time as a result of local and regional changes in land-use, population, jobs, and businesses, traffic conditions are such that the improvement is now appropriate,” said Farst. “The project will make the intersection more efficient for movement of traffic, reduce delays, and provide added safety.”

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