Meeting minutes missing

By Hannah Poling
Staff Writer

Pleasant Township resident Lance Stranger attended the Nov. 12 township board meeting to discuss a concern he has with the turn around time for the approval of meeting minutes.

According to Stranger, the majority of the meeting minutes from this past year are still not available to the public posted online.

“Is there rationale for why we are so far behind?” asked Stranger.

Fiscal Officer Paula Wilkins said that the individual who transcribes the meetings had previously encountered some health issues and has just now started back transcribing and catching up on the minutes. Wilkins reported that she spoke with Stranger earlier this month and had mentioned that the meetings are tape recorded and those recordings are available in the meantime until the minutes are transcribed.

“I did check with the auditor’s office,” said Wilkins, “and tape recordings can stand as minutes.”

According to Wilkins, as long as the minutes are recorded, municipalities are not required to transcribe the minutes. However, Pleasant Township does both the recordings and the transcriptions as a service to the township.

Stranger said he is concerned because he is not able to attend every township meeting.

Previously issues had been discussed which affected him personally, but he wasn’t made aware of those issues in a timely fashion by the approval and posting of the minutes.

Wilkins assured the resident that they are working diligently to get the minutes transcribed, approved, and posted as quickly as possible.

In other news, a resolution was passed to authorize Fire Chief Brian Taylor to sign an agreement changing the medical director for Pleasant Township Fire Department from Dr. Robert Lowe to Dr. Eric Cortez effective as of Nov. 18.

Franklin County Sheriff’s Deputy Jason Ronk is promoting the department’s program “Lock it don’t leave it” in preparation for the holidays. It’s designed for the breaking and entering of vehicles, but they are also widening it to include porch deliveries being stolen. This program includes information and safety tips attempting to deter as many robberies as possible this holiday season.

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