Master Gardeners hosting Grow Native seminar in London

Purple coneflower is a plant native to Ohio. At a seminar on Aug. 28 at London High School, the public can learn how and why to plant native species. The Madison County Master Gardeners are hosting the seminar.

(Posted July 29, 2021)

By Christy Pearl and Jane Kutzley, Master Gardeners

The world as we know it depends heavily on the work of bugs. A strange thought, isn’t it?

Without insects, our food supply would be greatly diminished and the variety extremely limited. And, because these native insects can only survive on the plants with which they evolved, they, in turn, are completely dependent on the native plants that provide sustenance for them.

This circle of life will be the topic of the Grow Native seminar the Madison County Master Gardeners are presenting on Aug. 28, 9 a.m.-3 p.m., in the London High School auditorium.

The speakers are as follows:

• Experts from the Ohio State University Extension will speak about Ohio’s native trees and how to promote beneficial bugs in the home landscape.

• Ohio Department of Natural Resources representatives will present information about “Go Native,” Ohio’s new native plant initiative.

• Horticulturist Nancy Linz, who spearheaded the effort to officially name April as “Native Plant Month” at the state and national levels, will explain what this designation means.

• Debra Knapke, known as the “Garden Sage,” is an author, garden designer, radio talk show personality and all-around horticulture expert. She will end the day with a talk entitled, “The Native and Nativar Toolbox.” Knapke will answer as many questions as possible after her talk.

Additionally, Gale Martin, owner of Natives in Harmony, a native plant source in central Ohio, will be on site all day to provide information, answer questions and sell pollinator-friendly native plants.

The workshop price of $40 ($35 for master gardeners) includes a boxed lunch and one native plant plug from Natives in Harmony Nursery.

To register, contact the Madison County Extension Office at (740) 852-0975 or email

Christy Pearl and Jane Kutzley are Madison County Master Gardeners. To learn more about how to become a master gardener or to ask a gardening question, call the Madison County OSU Extension Office at (740) 852-0975.


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