Many youths earn special recognition at fair

(Posted Aug. 5, 2022)

4-H and FFA participants received all sorts of recognition for achievement at this year’s Madison County Fair which took place July 9-16. The following are some of those recognitions for livestock projects. Winners are listed with their respective 4-H clubs or FFA chapters.

Showmen of Showmen
Swine–Kali Kimbler, Green Range;
Sheep–Olivia Seaburn, Fairfield Rascals;
Dairy–Olivia Finke, Born in a Barn;
Goat–Molly Barber, Fairfield Rascals;
Beef–Amy Burchett, Madison-Plains;
Equine–Anna LeGault, Mud Run Hustlers;
Rabbits–Emma McCoy, Fairfield Rascals;
Poultry–Cade Smith, Helping Hands Happy Hearts;
Dog–William Koenig, Green Range;
Alpaca–Cade Smith, Helping Hands Happy Hearts;
Small Animal–Paige Baker, Green Range
Grand Showman–Molly Barber.

Fair Royalty
King–Luke Peart, Prairie Raiders;
Queen–Kirstin Eades, Madison-Plains;
Princess–Lauren Hart, Beginners to Winners;
Prince–Jacob Stahl, Helping Hands Happy Hearts.
Species Ambassadors
Alpaca–Adalynne Wilkin, Helping Hands Happy Hearts;
Poultry–Julia Turvy, Prairie Raiders;
Rabbit–Emma McCoy, Fairfield Rascals;
Sheep–Emily LeGault, Mud Run Hustlers;
Special Interest–Sara Studebaker, Prairie Raiders;
Beef–Crystal Weimer, Fairfield Darts and Madison-Plains;
Swine–Zoe Kociela, Krazy 4 Clovers;
Goat–Kyla McCoy, Madison-Plains;
Small Animal–Elliana Wilkin, Helping Hands Happy Hearts;
Equine–Kaitlynn Hollar, LFS Riders;
Dog–William Koenig, Green Range.

Harry Campbell Memorial Award for Outstanding Rabbit Exhibitor
Emma McCoy, Fairfield Rascals

Debbie Leach and Lori Walding Memorial Award for Outstanding Equine Exhibitor
Kaitlynn Sollars, LFS Riders

Mark Warner Memorial Outstanding Goat Exhibitor Award
Kyla McCoy, Madison-Plains

Steve Brock Memorial Award for Outstanding Dairy Exhibitor
Jeffrey Schrock, Born in a Barn

Jennifer Waples Outstanding Junior Fair Dog Exhibitor
Gabi Wolverton, Prairie Raiders

Green Range 4-H Club Scholarship
$500–Emma McCoy, Fairfield Rascals

4-H Committee Scholarships
$750–Emma Weller, LFS Riders;
$750–Cade Smith, Helping Hands Happy Hearts;
$500–Seirra Schlosser, Eager Achievers.

Livestock Judging Contest Winners
Senior division–Olivia Seaburn, Fairfield Rascals;
Intermediate division–Kenzie Vallery, Buckeye Rangers;
Junior division–Alexis Downing, Green Range;
Overall winner–Olivia Seaburn.

Premier Livestock Exhibitors
Market swine–Reagan Gross, Speedy Spurs;
Breeding swine–Kali Kimbler, Green Range;
Market beef–Kenzie Vallery, Buckeye Rangers;
Breeding beef–Amy Burchett, Madison-Plains;
Market and breeding sheep–Olivia Seaburn, Fairfield Rascals;
Market and breeding goat–Molly Barber, Fairfield Rascals;
Rabbit–Emma McCoy, Fairfield Rascals;
Dairy–Olivia Finke, Born in a Barn;
Poultry–Cade Smith, Helping Hands Happy Hearts.

Equine High Point Winners
Senior English–Emma Weller, LFS Riders;
Junior English–Mary Ava Willis, LFS Riders;
Senior Western–Brooke Bates, Krazy 4 Clovers;
Junior Western–Kaylin Walters, Fairfield Rascals;
Senior Saddleseat–Annabel Phipps, LFS Riders;
Junior Saddleseat–Mackenzie Martin, LFS Riders;
Senior donkey–Jessa Ba, LFS Riders;
Junior donkey–Mary Ava Willis, LFS Riders.

Overall Outstanding Trophy Winners
Leadership and Citizenship Project–Samuel Hicks, Clover Clippers;
Creative Arts Project–Riley Cremeens, Fairfield Rascals;
STEM Project–Alexander Vance, Clover Clippers;
Natural Resources Project–Hailey Ballah, Fairfield Rascals;
Clothing Project–Aayliah Hansen, Clover Clippers;
Food and Nutrition Project–Ashley Ogg, Clover Clippers;
Self-Determined Project–Lauren Hart, Beginners to Winners;
Healthy Living Project–Hannah Green, Beginners to Winners.

Outstanding 4-H Secretary Books
First place–Hannah Brown, Helping Hands Happy Hearts;
Second place–Lindsey Call, Mud Run Hustlers.

Outstanding 4-H Reporter Books
First place–Hannah Brown, Helping Hands Happy Hearts.

Barn Decorating Awards
Swine–Fairfield Rascals
Cattle–Born in a Barn
Alpaca–Fairfield Rascals
Equine–LFS Riders
Sheep–Green Range
Goat–Madison County Show Offs
Poultry–Double L II
Rabbit–Fairfield Rascals.

Buyer Thank-You Poster Contest
Sheep–Sara Oney, Country Bunch;
Dairy–Charlie Hall, Monroe Winners;
Poultry–Luke Peart, Prairie Raiders;
Beef–Callie Jenkins, Born in a Barn;
Goat–Molly Barber, Fairfield Rascals;
Swine–Sara Oney, Country Bunch.

Flowerbed Contest
First place–Green Range;
Second place–Beginners to Winners;
Third place–Krazy 4 Clovers;
Fourth place–London FFA.

Clothing and Quilting Projects
Honorable Mentions
Arcie Barnhill, Canaan Pathfinders, Sew For Others;
Aubrey Parks, Fairfield Rascals, You Can Quilt!;
Lilian Thompson, Madison County Show-Offs, You Can Quilt!

Sara Studebaker, Prairie Raiders, Clothes for High School and College;
Lydia Meddock, Madison Kountry Kids, Sew Fun;
Amber Evans, Helping Hands Happy Hearts, Designed By Me;
Zoe Kociela, Krazy 4 Clovers, Sundresses and Jumpers;
Rachel Jackman, County Conservation Club, Terric Tops;
McKinley Brown, Mud Run Hustlers, You Can Quilt!;
Carly Cremeens, Fairfield Rascals, You Can Quilt!;
Hailey Winebrenner, Fairfield Rascals, You Can Quilt!;
Julianna Dunkley, Prairie Raiders, Quilting the Best Better.

Outstanding and State Fair Delegates
Rachel Hyatt, Clover Clippers, Clothes for High School and College;
Emma Chase, Clover Clippers, Clothing For Middle School;
Leah Roseberry, Clover Clippers, Dress Up Outfit;
Mackenzi Reed, Clover Clippers, Sew Fun (junior);
Teagan Jorgenson, Clover Clippers, Designed By Me;
Aayliah Hansen, Clover Clippers, Sundresses and Jumpers;
Sophia Hicks, Clover Clippers, Loungewear;
Madison Reed, Clover Clippers, Terrific Tops;
Riley Cremeens, Fairfield Rascals, Quilts (junior);
Sara Studebaker, Prairie Raiders, Quilts (senior);
Rachel Jackman, County Conservation Club, Quilting the Best Better;
Zoe Kociela, Krazy 4 Clovers, You Can Quilt! (junior);
Ashley Ogg, Clover Clippers, You Can Quilt! (senior).

Overall Outstanding Clothing Project
Aayliah Hansen, Clover Clippers

Overall Outstanding Creative Arts Project
Riley Cremeens, Fairfield Rascals, quilts

Master Clothing Junior Nominee
Sophia Hicks, Clover Clippers

Rising Star
Aayliah Hansen, Clover Clippers

Ohio 4-H Fashion Review
Mackenzi Reed, Clover Clippers

Sunshine Award in Memory of Becky Hyatt
Rachel Hyatt.

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