Madison Township works with Land Bank regarding properties


By Linda Dillman
Staff Writer

Madison Township is pursuing the title to property at 3232 Noe-Bixby Road and the owner of a Clearwater Road property proposed a settlement offer with the township for land previously cleared of a structure by the Central Ohio Community Improvement Corporation, the county’s Land Bank.

“She (owner) has kept up with the taxes on her own and had someone come in and mow the property,” said Madison Township Administrator Susan Brobst. “The board can initially accept the property, but it has to go through the Land Bank.”

The trustees accepted the property owner’s $2,000 settlement offer and agreed to turn the payment over to the Land Bank to help defray the cost of demolishing the structure. The offer is still subject to approval by the COCIC.

The trustees also approved a demolition participation agreement with the Land Bank for a property on Sedalia Drive. Any costs exceeding $20,000 will be covered by the township and all liens will be filed by Madison Township.

“That is the cap the Land Bank will pay,” said Brobst, “but we’ve never come close to $20,000 (in demolition costs).

The property is across the street from an elementary school and suffered extensive damage from a fire. According to Brobst, the owner attempted to renovate the site and ran out of money, but is current on his taxes. Brobst said the county and township are working with the prosecutor’s office to keep the property moving through the system and get it back on track under the control of the Land Bank.

Other Madison Township news

•The trustees accepted its annual highway mileage certificate from the Ohio Department of Transportation indicating 41.23 miles of township roadways. According to Road Department Superintendent Dave Weaver, the township is also responsible for three bridges, which are in fair to very good condition.

•Nearly four dozen fire department face masks were declared surplus and donated to Newton Township Fire Department in St. Louisville and Thurston-Walnut Township Fire Department in Thurston.

•A $750 maintenance agreement was approved with the Asbury Cemetery Board to provide assistance with maintenance and expenses associated with upkeep of the cemetery for 2016.

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