Madison Township trash collection rate rises

By Linda Dillman
Staff Writer

Madison Township residents will dig deeper into their pockets to pay for waste collection services following approval of a new contract with Local Waste.

The Madison Township trustees approved the new agreement on July 23 It sets monthly service at $18.04, plus a 50 cent billing fee, which runs from Sept. 1, 2019 through Dec. 31, 2020, with the option of three one-year extensions at the same price.

Residents currently pay $13.92, along with a variable fuel adjustment charge. The new contract also includes the fuel charge.

“Nothing changes over what we have now,” said Madison Township Administrator Susan Brobst. “We still have the senior discount available. It’s the same service and the same routes.”

Despite no changes, other than the cost for service, Local Waste is still required to distribute new service guides to customers. Brobst said billing has already gone out for July, August and September. The October, November and December statement will include a charge making up for the September discrepancy.

“Basically, residents are getting hit with an additional $55 per year,” said trustee Chairman John Pritchard. “I’m surprised we got hit with another $4 to $5. We are at their mercy.”

The Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio administered the bid process for members of a municipal consortium, which includes Madison Township.

According to Brobst, there were only two bidders—Local Waste at a base bid of $18.04 and Rumpke at a base bid of $27.06.

However, Brobst emphasized each entity has an individual contract depending on conditions and requirements.

“We’re all in the same consortium, but we’re all quoted separately,” said Brobst.

While part of the increase can be attributed to rising costs of service, Brobst said a big component of the township jump can be attributed to people not paying their bills.

The situation is not unlike a retail establishment passing on theft losses through higher product prices.

“We have a lot of delinquency issues,” said Brobst.

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