Madison Township commits to transparent policing


On June 22, the Madison Township trustees unanimously passed a resolution to solidify the township police department’s commitment to transparency.

The resolution states that body-worn and dashboard camera footage will be accessible by the public within 24 hours of an incident occurring, or as soon as practicable.

Trustee Chairman John Pritchard said, “While leading the central Ohio area in the advancements of body-worn and dashboard camera utilization, it is crucial that we maintain an evolving commitment to transparency, including justifiable scrutiny when critical incidents occur. This resolution puts our dedication to trust-building with the community and police department into writing, to last in perpetuity.”

Added Trustee Vice-Chairman Michele Reynolds, “In today’s climate, accountability in public service is critically important. While we stand behind our officers and support them fully, this Critical Incident policy is a commitment to the public for accountability and transparency in the Madison Township Police Department.”

Trustee Ed Dildine said, “Passing this resolution shows how serious Madison Township is about making sure information is available to residents.”

“The Madison Township Police Department is proud to continue our legacy of transparency in law enforcement,” said Madison Township Police Chief Gary York. “A township resolution effectively acts as law, and will stand the test of time despite the individual perspectives of future chiefs, boards, or administrators.”


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