Madison-Plains girls’ powerlifting team wins state title

Madison-Plains’ girls’ powerlifting team placed first at this year’s state tournament, making for back-to-back titles the past two years.

(Posted March 21, 2024)

The Madison-Plains Powerlifting Tradition Teams traveled to Kenton on March 16 for the Bill McClain Ohio High School State Powerlifting Meet. Nearly 400 athletes from across the state took part. A total of 45 Madison-Plains lifters were among them, competing in Divisions 5-7.

The girls’ team emerged as the state team champions for the second year in a row. They lifted a total of 5,725 pounds, just shy of the total they achieved last year, 5,815 pounds, which is a state record for Divisions 5-7 and a Madison-Plains school record. This marks the third state title for the girls’ team in school history.

Madison-Plains’ boys’ powerlifting team placed third at this year’s state tournament.

“I have said this for many years: ‘It takes a community to win championships.’ This is only scratching the surface. The seeds are continuing to be planted, and the wave is coming for Madison-Plains. This state championship is for Madison-Plains Local Schools,” said Mike Siders, who coaches the powerlifting team with Paul Bryant.

The boys’ team placed third at state this year and broke a school record, lifting a total of 12,890 pounds.

Siders said of the young boys’ team, “They show promise in the future to climb the ladder.”

Three members of Madison-Plains’ girls’ powerlifting team earned first-place finishes at the state tournament: (from left) junior Mckenzie Adams, junior Mackenzie Reeves, and junior Abigail Lindsey.

Many Golden Eagles made the podium for individual placements, as well, including four who came away with state championship titles. The meet recognizes the top seven girls per weight class and the top 12 boys per weight class as state placers.

Leading the championship charge for Madison-Plains was junior Mackenzie Reeves who competed in the 145-pound weight class and placed first with the top deadlift of 330 pounds. Reeves is a two-time state champion and a four-sport athlete, also playing volleyball, basketball, and softball.

Madison-Plains sophomore Dallas Johnston took home a championship title in the 185-pound class at the state tournament.

Competing in the 155-pound weight class, junior Abigail Lindsey placed first with the top squat at 355 pounds, a new state record, and the top bench press at 140 pounds. Both Reeves and Lindsey had a softball scrimmage three days prior to the state competition.

Junior Mckenzie Adams took first place in the 125-pound weight class with the top squat of 300 pounds.

Sophomore Dallas Johnston clinched the 185-pound class title with the top squat of 550 pounds and the top deadlift of 500 pounds.

“These lifters continue the tradition of individual state champions at Madison-Plains, now totaling 11 girls and five guys with plenty more to come in the future,” Siders said.

Madison-Plains junior Abigail Lindsey lifts her way to first place in the 145-pound class at the state powerlifting tournament.

Other Madison-Plains placers include:
Senior Raylah Sanford–second, 165-pound weight class;
Sophomore Addison Reeves–second, unlimited weight class;
Senior Sierra Wall–third, 135-pound weight class;
Sophomore Aubrey Bush–third, 115-pound weight class;
Junior Ashley Hawkins–fourth, 125-pound weight class;
Sophomore Ellie Salyers, fourth, 115-pound weight class;
Junior Tara Nagal–fourth, 225-pound weight class;
Senior McKenna Mitchell–seventh, unlimited weight class;
Sophomore Carley Kelly–seventh, 145-pound weight class;
Sophomore Brenn Wallner–seventh, 135-pound weight class;
Freshman Mirage Haverfield–seventh, 115-pound weight class

Trace Geyer, a sophomore at Madison-Plains, competes in the 195-pound class at the state powerlifting tournament. He finished the contest in 11th place.

Freshman Jaydan Castille–second, 135-pound weight class;
Sophomore Hayes Smith–third, 155-pound weight class;
Senior Brice West–third, 185-pound weight class;
Junior Maverick Webb–fourth, 175-pound weight class;
Sophomore Blake Bricker–sixth, 250-pound weight class;
Senior Peyton Smith–seventh, 155-pound weight class;
Senior Talon Doughty–seventh, 145-pound weight class;
Junior Braden Evans–seventh, 145-pound weight class;
Junior Austin Yang–seventh, 185-pound weight class;
Sophomore Tate Gabler–eighth, 145-pound weight class;
Senior Drake Goings–ninth, 210-pound weight class;
Sophomore Trace Geyer–11th, 195-pound weight class; and
Senior Luke Mason–12th, unlimited weight class.

The school’s powerlifting program began in 2011. Team members train in the weight room year-round. Many also compete in other sports.

“Words cannot express enough what us coaches really get out of being able to do this with such great support from our community, school board, administrators, parents, coaches, and our students,” Siders said.

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