Madison Christian students lend a helping hand

Students from Madison Christian High School helped clean up windstorm damage at Green Lawn Cemetery.

The terrible windstorm in September brought destruction to Columbus’ Green Lawn Cemetery.

The cemetery, established in 1848, consists of 360 acres, making it the second largest cemetery in the state. There are an estimated 3,000 trees within its historic borders, many of which were battered, broken, and bent by the wind. This cemetery is a non-profit organization relying heavily on volunteers, especially when devastation such as this hits. 

Green Lawn Cemetery is cared for by many volunteers year round, however, they needed extra help after the windstorm. On Oct. 11, students from Madison Christian High School came to help.
Students from the National Honor Society and National Junior Honor Society spent the morning cleaning up some of the wreckage, removing fallen branches and raking leaves. The students also gathered broken tree limbs and leaves to be removed by other volunteers. As of Nov. 2, Green Lawn had received 726 hours of work donated from individuals in the community.

Even though Green Lawn has received much assistance from the community, there is always a need of more help. Green Lawn Cemetery offers many ways for individuals to get involved. Volunteers organize many of the events bringing attention to the cemetery. Individuals can participate in the Adopt-a-Lot program, as well as help with landscaping year round.

Green Lawn Cemetery plays a vital role in the community. It is the responsibility of the community to help preserve the beauty and history that resides there.

Lauren Franklin is a senior at Madison Christian High School.

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