London shows improvement on state report card

Superintendent Steve Allen discussed the district’s state report card rating of "Continuous Improvement," at the London Board of Education’s Aug. 20 meeting, noting there are 14 areas where the district has improved and 11 areas where it did not, or actually scored lower than last year.

"I want to caution you that it’s a common mistake in looking at the scores from year to year. It’s important to look at the overall trends, not one year against the next because you are comparing one class against a different class," said Allen.

Allen said a couple areas stood out among the areas, of improvements, such as 3rd grade mathematics scores increased from 68.5 percent to 84.5 percent and then the 5th grade reading scores increased from 66.4 percent to 80.9 percent.

"When you get double figures, it’s usually because something positive is happening in the class," said Allen. "I know folks in the elementary school are working very hard to change their scores."

Allen admits the high school scores were discouraging.

"Last year we met 13 out of 25 of the standards and this year we’re meeting 16 out of the 30. In mathematics we’re making gains but just barely. The unfortunate problem is we haven’t made adequate progress. The closer we get to 2014, the harder that’s going to be," said Allen.

Allen also said students with disabilities scored lower than hoped; the highest scores for these students were 64.7 and the lowest were 8.3 which Allen said was "just not acceptable."

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