London Schools seeks outside food service vendor

(Posted Feb. 11, 2021)

By Josephine Birdsell, Staff Writer

London City Schools (LCS) is accepting bids to outsource the district’s food service program.

In 2016, the food service funding balance had a deficit of $68,544. By 2018, that balance was exhausted. So, in 2019 the district transferred more than $150,000 from the general fund to the food service fund to continue operations.

The general fund money is normally used for teachers, instructional supplies and district operations, according to Dr. Lou Kramer, superintendent.

“Essentially, in one year, LCS transferred enough money to pay for two-and-a-half teaching salaries to cover losses in this one program,” he said.

The district is hoping to find an outside vendor for the 2021-22 school year and is accepting bids from outside vendors through the beginning of April.

If the district receives a bid it finds beneficial, it will then work to develop next steps.

“We want to explore every avenue from a cost savings point of view,” Kramer said.

In other news, the 2021 graduation date is now May 30, changed from May 28. School leaders hope to hold an outdoor graduation ceremony. The district will retain its new tradition, the graduation parade, as started in 2020.

In partnership with Madison County Public Health, the district will administer its first round of COVID-19 vaccinations to school staff members on Feb. 24.

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