London leaves MSL for Central Buckeye Conference

(Posted July 19, 2017)

By Amanda Ensinger, Staff Writer

The London school board voted to leave the Mid-State League (MSL) to join the Central Buckeye Conference (CBC), but not before one board member expressed apprehensions.

“I have serious objections about joining this conference,” said Marvin Homan at the board’s July 18 meeting. “I don’t think this is the best move for London, is short-sighted and doesn’t make London’s athletic program any stronger.”

Homan also said that he is concerned that the district only wants to join the CBC so they would win more games.

Currently as part of the MSL, London plays teams like Grandview Heights, Bexley and the Columbus Academy. With the new conference, they will play teams like Jonathan Alder, Bellefontaine and Tecumseh.

“I don’t think the travel is better with this conference, we won’t get any news coverage in this conference, and there are a lot more state champs in the MSL,” Homan added.

Other board members disagreed, listing the benefits to joining the CBC.

“If anyone thinks we are changing leagues to get more wins, they are sadly mistaken,” said board member Ed Maynor. “This has been accepted by those closest to this, the coaches and school personnel, and this feels like the right move.”

Jimmy Wolverton, athletic director, said the move will result in more fans coming to games, which will have a positive impact on the players.

“We have never said this move will guarantee wins, but it will create a natural rivalry,” he said. “Right now, the visiting sides at our games is empty; no one travels. This doesn’t create the best environment for kids to play. If we play schools to the west, the fans will travel.”

With those opinions in mind, the board voted in favor of moving to the CBC with Homan casting the lone “no” vote.

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