London fire hydrant flushing starts April 28


(Posted April 25, 2014)

The London Fire Department will begin fire hydrant maintenance on April 28. The work will conclude once all hydrants are flushed.

Fire hydrant flushing is performed each spring to ensure the hydrants are operating properly in case of fire and to clear the waterlines of debris.

The flushing is performed by emergency operations personnel between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m., and may be extended longer if several emergency runs occur when flushing is scheduled. There are over 600 fire hydrants within the London corporation limits.

Residents could experience discoloration of water during these time periods and for up to 48 hours after flushing has taken place.

Residents are cautioned to refrain from doing laundry during this period. Before resuming laundering, partially fill washers until the water runs clear. Run a sample of water into a transparent container to check for settling or discoloration. Once the water is clear, the washer can be spun out to drain the tub for a normal laundry load.

Turn on all faucets in the house and allow water to run freely until it appears clear again. Avoid turning on hot water taps during the flushing period because the water heater will replenish itself with rusty water, which will remain in storage in the tank until used up.

Some persons will experience staining of clothes and other items despite these notices. Clothes should be kept damp or wet to prevent the stains from setting. The recommended “rust-removers” or “rust fighters” are carried among the cleaning products at grocery and hardware stores. Most of these cleaners direct you to add them to a regular laundry load and run it again.

Any questions related to fire hydrant flushing should be directed to the city of London Division of Fire at (740) 852-4297.


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