London council commits funds to storm water repairs

(Posted Nov. 26, 2017)

By Kristy Zurbrick, Madison Editor

The city of London is putting $200,000 into additional improvements to its storm water system. Part of the money will go to repairs and part to purchase a camera to assess drainage issues. Currently, the city borrows such equipment or contracts out the assessment work.

While $200,000 will address just a few problems, council member Trint Hatt said the appropriation, approved by council on Nov. 16, is another step in the right direction.

“We’re committed to getting things done,” Hatt said.

The funds transfer is part of the city’s ongoing response to severe flooding issues the city experienced this summer and fall following massive rainfalls.

“Every bit of money that we can put to these storm water issues is going to be money well spent,” said Mayor Pat Closser.

The mayor updated council members on work being done in the flood areas:

• Jacqueline Drive–Crews repaired a broken tile and are cleaning the catch basins. They will wait until the ground freezes to take heavy equipment in to mow and assess the creekbed.

• Marimont Avenue and Graceland Drive–Crews water jetted all lines in the area and are cleaning catch basins to help with flow restrictions. Closser is setting up a meeting with the warden of Madison Correctional Institution about waterflow from an open field behind Graceland Drive.

• Graham Avenue–”We replaced busted tiles, and the night of the last hard rain the new drainage in that area seemed to be working great,” Closser said.

• Elm and High streets–The area experienced some flooding after the last hard rain, but, “It went down pretty quick,” thanks to repaired tile across High Street, Closser said.

• Chandler and Virginia–The London Area Baseball Council fixed a blown out tile that hooked to the city’s pipe. The outlet pipe is now back at the correct elevation.

• North Main and South Main streets–These areas experienced some flooding after the most recent hard rain. Leaves, branches and debris covered storm sewer drains in the area, causing water backup.

“This gives me the opportunity to remind the citizens that it is against the law to blow grass, leaves and debris into the streets,” Closser said. “Yard waste needs to be bagged up and put to the curb.”

Residents can call the mayor’s office at (740) 852-3243 or the street department at 852-1404. The city will pick up bagged yard waste free of charge, Closser said.

“I was out with street superintendent (Bill) Long from about 6 p.m. to midnight during the last heavy rain. I found myself in some areas in thigh-high water, cleaning leaves off of the catch basins to help with the flow.”

The newly formed storm water utility committee will meet at 6:30 p.m. Nov. 29 in council chambers, 6 E. Second St.

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