Lockbourne hosts school reunion and state of the schools


By Linda Dillman
Staff Writer

The Lockbourne Event Center, a historical building that served as an elementary and high school in the Hamilton Township School District in the 20th century, opened its doors to former students during the village’s fourth annual School Reunion on Aug. 23.

While many of the attendees were in their seventies and eighties, their memories were still fresh as they recalled teachers, events, and activities that took place in the two-story brick building.

The past also connected with the future through a district update provided by Hamilton Local Schools Superintendent Mark Tyler and high school Principal Matt O’Hearn.

“I feel like I started this job an hour ago, but it’s been seven years,” Tyler said before commenting on the pleasant memories previously shared by more than a dozen former students of their elementary school days. “What hasn’t changed in school is that kids still love their teachers and teachers still love kids.”

O’Hearn said the times are different from those experienced by the former Lockbourne students, but making connections with others is still important.

“The experience you had here are still impacting you today,” said O’Hearn, before reporting 172 seniors graduated this spring, $21,000 in scholarships was awarded and the school celebrated its third annual military signing night.

As a member of the Leader in Me movement, O’Hearn said, “We’re really focused on leadership in our buildings and we’re asking every kid to be a leader themselves.”

Power Rangers, a student leadership group, is in its third year and O’Hearn is enthusiastic about the opportunities the organization brings to the high school.

“We’re excited about where we’ve been and where we’re going and building a relationship with Lockbourne,” said O’Hearn.

Lockbourne Mayor Christie Ward told district representatives she appreciates the relationship the village has with the school district.

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