Local photographer exhibits at city hall


Grove City recently announced the opening of a new art exhibit by photographer, Rebecca Cummings.  

The exhibit, "Often Overlooked," features an assortment of images shot with Cumming’s digital camera. Each picture beckons the viewer to consider its untold story.  

"A photograph isn’t just a moment in time," said Cummings. "It’s a story. I want people to look at the picture, wonder what’s going on and why I took the picture. I want them to be intrigued by the story behind it."

Ray Kline, curator for Grove City, is intrigued by this artist’s abilities.  

"Her work is strong in composition," he said. "That’s why I chose it for this exhibit. When I first saw Rebecca’s photography, I went away remembering it. That’s the mark of an artist with a unique perspective."

Cummings’ work has received rave reviews at other exhibits, including one at Columbus’ High Road Gallery.  

"I hope that people would just be interested," she said. "A lot of times, it’s color that first attracts me to a particular subject. I like architecture and its many details. You’ll see I don’t shoot the entire building. It’s the details. I like doors and windows."

The 1991 Ohio State University graduate, finds that photography teaches her important lessons about this world as well as herself.  

"Photography gives me an identity and a voices," stated Cummings. "It allows me to express myself where otherwise I would be silent."  

She credits photographers that came before as well as her long time boyfriend, Rod McIntyre, with helping her find that voice.

That same voice within has often prompted Cummings to walk the road less traveled. She discovered along the way that her perspectives don’t always fit with traditional thought.  

"I don’t like being traditional. I’ve always been that way. I like looking for the unusual."

The unusual, the things often overlooked, is what this exhibit is all about. Kline, a retired professor from the Columbus College of Art and Design, embraced the pieces’ individuality.  

"This is not your typical ‘birds and bees’ photography show," he said.  

"Often Overlooked" will run at city hall through Sept. 12. The building is open for public viewing of the exhibit from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Cummings is also an exhibitor at this year’s Arts in the Alley. Arts in the Alley will be held Sept 15 and 16 in the Town Center.  

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