Local man proposes to put restaurant at Galloway Road Sports Complex

By Amanda Ensinger
Staff Writer

As sport enthusiasts and spectators continue to utilize the new Galloway Road Sports complex, a local businessman is looking at creative ways to cater to hungry visitors.

At a recent Prairie Township board meeting, township resident Rob Connors presented the board with an innovative way to use the concession stand at the complex.

“I noticed at the Galloway Road Sports Complex that there were people set up in tents selling candy, pop and other items while the concession stand sat empty,” Connors said. “I wondered what was being done with the concession stand and if there was an opportunity to utilize it more.”

Connors presented a proposal to lease the concession stand and turn it into a restaurant the players, coaches, families and visitors could use while they are at the complex.

“We would call it the Snack Shake and it would be more than a concession stand,” he said. “We would sell your typical concession stand items like candy, pop and hot dogs, but we would also sell more specialty items, like barbecue or fried items.”

Connors hopes that as families are rushing around after work to get their kids to their soccer or baseball games, they will decide to grab dinner at the Snack Shake. As a coach himself, he knows that families are sometimes rushed to get their kids to practice or a game and thinks having a restaurant at the Galloway Road Sports Complex would help families with picking up a quick meal and checking one more thing off their to do list.

“Often families are running around to get their kids to the game that they don’t have time to eat,” Connors said. “Once they get there, they realize they are hungry. Having a restaurant on site that they can easily go pickup a meal will be really convenient for them.”

Some of the items Connors has discussed selling at the complex includes popcorn, chips, hamburgers, brisket and cheesesteak.

“I don’t want to have just the basic stuff,” he said. “We want to have a place families can get an affordable nice meal while they are at the complex.”

Connors says if the trustees approve his proposal, he would have his wife, grandson and potentially other players from the team he coaches work at the Snack Shake. He also said he would love to collaborate with other local businesses and offer their food options at the complex, including local pizza businesses.

“This could be a gathering place for teams after games, for families to celebrate their player and just a great community business,” he said.

The trustees said they would review Connors proposal and get back with him soon on next steps.

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