Local election results – successful levies and some hot races

By Rick Palsgrove
Southeast Editor

The Nov. 5 election resulted in some incumbents being re-elected, some new faces winning seats in various local government positions, and a tight race for Madison Township trustee.

The Groveport Madison Schools’ operating levy won by a wide margin and the Hamilton Township road levy was also approved.

According to Franklin County Board of Elections Public Information Officer Aaron Sellers, unofficial totals show 183,329 – 22.96 percent of those registered in Franklin County – voting in the Nov. 5 election. The board of elections must begin the official canvass of the ballots no later than Nov. 20 and certify vote totals by Nov. 26.

The unofficial local results of the Nov. 5 election, according to the Franklin County Board of Elections and the Fairfield County Board of Elections are (*denotes winners):

Groveport and Madison Township
Groveport Madison Schools’ 5-year, 6.68 mill operating levy: *For: 4,260 (67 percent), Against: 2,055 (33 percent).

Groveport mayor: *Lance Westcamp, 791 (54 percent), John Pritchard, 681 (46 percent).

Westcamp, who has been mayor since 1994, is the longest serving mayor in Groveport history.

“I am very grateful to the citizens of Groveport for their tremendous support which enabled me to achieve this victory tonight,” said Westcamp. “This was a hard fought, tough campaign, but in the end, the people of the City of Groveport awarded me with my 5th term to serve as their Mayor, where I can continue to accomplish great things with our extremely dedicated city Council and staff.”

Pritchard said, “It was a hard fought race and Mayor Westcamp earned it. He’s been mayor 25 years for a reason. My only hope is that my campaign brought some issues to the forefront that will be addressed by the mayor and council. Groveport is a great place to live and I hope that everyone gets behind Mayor Westcamp and helps him carry out the vision that he put forth during the campaign over his next four years in office.”

Groveport city council: *Shawn Cleary, 980 (42 percent), *Jean Ann Hilbert, 782 (34 percent), Jack Rupp Jr.,568 (24 percent).

Groveport Madison board of education: *Kathleen Walsh, 3,182 (36 percent), *Chris Snyder, 2,382 (27 percent), Seth Bower, 1,970 (22 percent), Wayne Bryan, 1,393 (16 percent).

Madison Township trustee: *Michele Reynolds, 2,385 (48 percent), John Kershner, 2,328 (47 percent), Debbie Miller (write-in), 239 (5 percent).

Madison Township fiscal officer: *Laurie Vermeer, 3,900 (100 percent).

Obetz and Hamilton Township
Obetz mayor: *Angie Kirk, 540 (60 percent), Greg Scott, 364 (40 percent).
Obetz village council: *Derek Varney, 591 (41 percent), *Michael Flaherty, 568 (40 percent).

Hamilton Township board of education: *Walley Obert, 1,017 (37 percent), *James Dommer, 716 (26 percent), Jym Kyre, 512 (19 percent), Randal Ruppert, 469 (17 percent).

Hamilton Township trustee: *Howard Hahn, 853 (60 percent), Todd Blackstone, 572 (40 percent).

Hamilton Township fiscal officer:
*Lisa Shirkey, 1,162 (100 percent).

Hamilton Township 1-mill, 5-year road levy: *For: 409 (60 percent), Against: 272 (40 percent).

Lockbourne mayor: *Christie Ward, 14 (100 percent).

Lockbourne village council): *Susan Grandstaff, 13 (68 percent), *Brittany Trout, 6 (32 percent).

Canal Winchester
Canal Winchester mayor: *Mike Ebert, 812 (43 percent), Bruce Jarvis, 763 (40 percent), Doug Snyder, 331 (17 percent).

Canal Winchester city council: *Mike Walker, 1,176 (24 percent), *Bob Clark, 1,060 (22 percent), *Chuck Milliken, 1,015 (21 percent), Randy Stemen, 865 (18 percent), Scott Conner, 708 (15 percent).

Canal Winchester board of education: *Matt Krueger, 1,654 (51 percent), *Kevin Butler, 1,532 (48 percent).

Lithopolis and Bloom-Carroll

Lithopolis mayor ): *Eric P. Sandine, 205 (52 percent), John W. Stertzer, Sr. (write-in), 187 (48 percent).

Lithopolis village council: *Amy S. Brown, 295 (87 percent), *Amber Daniels (write-in), 43 (13 percent).

Bloom-Carroll board of education : *Jen Sherman, 1,248 (35 percent), *Jimmy Johnson, 988 (27 percent), D. J. Chapman, 915 (25 percent), Matt Kidwell, 460 (13 percent).

Lithopolis village income tax: A proposed 0.5 percent increase for public infrastructure, safety, and parks: For: 188 (45 percent), *Against: 233 (55 percent).

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