Livestock banned in village of Urbancrest

By Dedra Cordle
Staff Writer

There will be no more raising of livestock in the village of Urbancrest.

At its meeting on May 11, the village council unanimously approved legislation that prohibits residents from raising farm animals or livestock on their property.

While council members say there have not been many of these cases throughout the years, they felt they had to address the issue before it could become a major problem.

This impetus for this legislation began when the call of a rooster began waking residents in the early morning; it then was propelled forward when one of their residents bought a pig and allowed it to live on their property.

“It was a fully grown pig that they would walk around the community,” said code enforcement officer Randall Bogue. “As the pig would be walking, it would leave waste everywhere it went and it started to become a big health and safety concern.”

According to a door-to-door survey conducted by members of the council’s health and safety committee last year, a majority of residents approved of the move to ban farm animals and livestock within the village.

Under the ordinance, farm animals include, but are not limited to, bison, camels, chickens, donkeys, ducks, emus, fox, geese, miniature donkeys, miniature horses, mink, mules, ostrich, pheasant, pigs, and turkeys.

Under the ordinance, livestock is defined as alpacas, cattle, goats, captive white-tail deer, goats, horses, llamas, mules, poultry, and any other animal that is raised or maintained domestically for food or fiber.

The approved legislation does not include chinchillas on the list of prohibited animals. They were included in earlier legislative drafts.

Should a resident be found possessing farm animals or livestock, they will be given a cease and desist order which requires the prohibited animal to be removed from the village boundaries within 14 days. Should they fail to comply with the order, they can be charged with a misdemeanor and fined according to that previously established ordinance.

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