Letters to the editor: London Schools levy

(Posted Oct. 30, 2014)

Your vote matters

You may have seen the yard signs popping up that ask you to vote to renew the London City Schools tax. When I drive around our neighborhoods, I wish I could see more. It is hard to ask your neighbors and passersby for money. I hate this lonely feeling, and I don’t like asking.

I have to remind myself that there is a quiet majority who support children and the schools they attend. I am privileged to be a substitute teacher, and I get to work with children of all ages and abilities. Many children remind me that there are caring families who work hard to support their children.

I am often asked why I do what I do, and many people expect me to say I was inspired by a teacher I had when I was young. I wasn’t that fortunate. My own children inspire me, and the students I meet inspire me. There are teachers and volunteers in this town who inspire me. We are fortunate to have them in our schools.

You are being asked to renew the levy—no increase, just continue what the schools now get. Please vote “yes” when you got to the polls on Nov. 4. The vote matters. The children matter and they are truly our future. Thank you.

Lisa Brown



A vote for London City Schools is a vote for the future

On Nov. 4, there will be an important levy renewal on the ballot for London City Schools. Most people agree that in order to thrive, our community needs to have a healthy, well managed and successful school district. I have personally witnessed the increasing financial and academic progress of our school district over the past several years. While there are always obstacles to overcome, the teachers, administrators and the many volunteers in our district work tirelessly to see that the youth of London receive the best possible education.

As our local and global economies develop and change, we need to be educating young people and preparing them to compete and thrive in competitive college and business environments, and we need to prepare the workforce of the future. What does all of that mean? Why should you vote for the upcoming London City Schools levy renewal?

Here are some points to think about as we all exercise our right to vote on Nov. 4:

  1. No new taxes incurred. This renewal levy is simply that—a renewal. No new taxes are implemented if you vote for the levy. The levy will simply keep in place funding that helps our school district continue to operate.
  2. Be thoughtful as you vote. If the levy is not renewed, the school district will lose over 16 percent of its operating budget. That would be catastrophic for students and our district, to say the least. Voting against the renewal pulls our district backwards financially and would be detrimental to our students in many ways.
  3. An investment in our future. Each of us has to decide if we think investing in our young people is important. What sort of economy and society do you want to have in London? In Madison County? In Ohio? Renewing this levy is a vote for future employees, future businesses and for improving our local and global economies. It is truly an investment in every sense of the word.
  4. Stewardship of our dollars. Yes, these are our community’s dollars going to the schools to educate London’s children. Having spent many years as a volunteer in our school district, I can vouch for the fact that our dollars are being spent wisely and carefully in our school district. I could list the many belt tightening efforts, but suffice it to say, our dollars are being carefully and thoughtfully spent by the district. Every bit of money is spent with the goal of educating children.
  5. Pay it forward. Last but not least, every one of us who is of voting age had a community that voted for us. Our family, friends and neighbors voted in years past for our education. Every single one of us has had the opportunity to receive a solid public education. On Nov. 4, it’s your turn to make sure this younger generation has the same opportunity for a successful public education as well.

Please vote for the London City School District levy renewal on Nov. 4. A vote for the levy renewal is also a vote for the students in our community and a vote for the future of our community.

Linda Granger



Fiscal responsibility the goal at London City Schools

London City Schools is fortunate to have such a supportive community and dedicated employees. Everyone, from volunteers to staff members, goes above and beyond daily to make this school the best it can be.

We carefully consider every financial decision we make and continually look for ways to reduce expenses. For example, we purchase through a cooperative program to ensure we get the lowest possible price on supplies for our custodial staff and instructional materials for our teaching staff. Also, we implemented an energy efficiency program last summer. Through the first nine months since that program was completed, we have exceeded our expectations for savings. We are very pleased with this accomplishment.

Fiscal responsbility is our goal, and everyone here at London plays a part in this. Our staff is dedicated to researching multiple sources for necessary items. We don’t spend beyond our means, meaning our expenses do not exceed the revenue we bring in for the year. We are slowly building a reserve to cover 30 days worth of operating expenses. This is the minimum recommended by the Government Finance Officers Association.

We will continue to improve and grow. I’m extremely proud to serve this district as treasurer/CFO and look forward to many more years here in London. Please don’t ever hesitate to call me, (740) 852-5700, email me, kristine.blind@london.k12.oh.us, or stop in, 380 Elm St. (London Elementary, second floor) if you have a question.

Kristine Blind, treasurer

London City Schools


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