Letters to the editor: Cemetery levy

(Posted Oct. 30, 2014)

Cemetery levy will help to replace aging maintenance equipment

The Pleasant Darby Union Cemetery tax levy will appear on the Nov. 4 general election ballot. This levy is listed as an additional 1-mill, five-year levy for maintenance and operation of what is commonly called Pleasant Cemetery, located outside of Mount Sterling.

If the levy is passed, the current 0.5-mill will drop off, resulting in an increase of only 0.5-mill.

The cemetery is currently operating with 20-year old equipment, mowers with 1300 hours of service, water pumps that can no longer be repaired therefore needing to be replaced, and a freeze on hiring, employee benefits, and pay raises.

We have worked very hard to improve the services, maintenance and appearance of the cemetery and appreciate the support received from the public as well as the Pleasant Township and Darby Township trustees.

Individuals, volunteers and donations have resulted in the planting of trees and the ongoing refurbishing of the Holding Chamber. No cemetery funds were used for either of these projects.

Your vote for this levy is much needed and will enable us to continue serving the needs of our community.


Glenn Liff, cemetery superintendent

Mount Sterling



Don’t be confused by the name

Vote “yes” on Nov. 4 for the Pleasant Darby Union Cemetery Tax Levy.

This was a confusing issue for me, in part, because of the name. Most people don’t recognize the official name for what is normally called the Pleasant Cemetery, located on the outskirts of Mount Sterling.

The other confusing part was the wording “additional 1.0 mill,” making it sound as if passed it would be added to the current 0.5-mill, for a total of 1.5 mill. It was explained that the 0.5 mill will drop off if the 1.0 mill is passed. This being the case, passage of the levy will mean an increase of only 0.5 mill.

The Pleasant Township and Darby Township trustees, new superintendent, and staff are working very hard with a tight budget and dated equipment to make the cemetery beautiful again.

“Yes” votes for this levy are much needed.


B.J. Little

Mount Sterling



Cemetery needs TLC

This is a plea to all eligible voters in Darby Township in Pickaway County and Pleasant Township in Madison County to vote “yes” on the Pleasant-Darby Union Cemetery levy on the November ballot. The current levy of 0.5-mill will expire in 2015. This new levy will be 1-mill.

As many of you are aware, the cemetery was in need of some tender loving care. We were all upset and disappointed with the removal of all of the trees. It looked like a barren war zone. But thanks to the hard work and dogged determination of one woman (who wishes to remain anonymous), the township trustees agreed to let us start replacing the trees. A new superintendent, Glen Liff, has been hired and, in just a few short months, the cemetery is looking beautiful and serene again.

Now, here comes the punch line. There has not been any purchases of new equipment for many years. He has done everything he can to repair what he has, but, as you all know too well, you can only rewire and duct tape just so long. Mr. Liff estimates the cost of the equipment that is needed will be approximately $75,000. If this levy does not pass, the powers that be will have no choice but to raise the costs of new plots and burial services.

So, please help keep our cemetery beautiful by voting “yes” on this levy.


Patricia Riley

Mount Sterling

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