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Why obtain buses?

Hooray for the letter "Why is Groveport Madison board obtaining school buses," published in the Aug. 4 Southeast Messenger.

I am not only a 40 year resident and taxpayer of Groveport Madison Schools I am also a Petermann employee.

I was shocked and angry when I read the article about obtaining buses. As a taxpayer all we hear is the schools need more money, we need new schools, we need more space, we need to update computers and supplies. I have been reading the articles about the funding from the government to help build new schools and honestly was considering backing this plan and supporting it if it went on the ballot. I truly realize there is a need for these improvements. But if the school district can come up with $2.2 million to obtain buses when they are under contract till 2011 with buses being furnished and maintained this is once again more waste of our tax money.  

Why were we put on three sessions if we had this kind of money laying around? Why didn’t the district use it to buy modulars back then so our kids could have had a normal school schedule? I guess when making things inconvenient for the parents for two years didn’t work to pass a bond issue then you decided to add space with the modulars.

Now, as a Petermann employee, I wonder how three Groveport Madison school board members can be able to make this kind of decision on their own. You were elected to represent the people of this community. Who in this community even knew you were thinking about purchasing buses? You have a contract till 2011, how is buying buses now saving money? Does this mean you plan to do away with Petermann in 2011 and the district take over busing once again? Have you thought about the additional expenses and the cost of things three years from now? I am sure it will eat up any money you are trying to tell the taxpayers it is saving. Does this mean we will become employees of the school district and be treated like we are nobodies once again?  Did you stop to think about the fact this would do away with summer routes because we would no longer have charter buses to use? Does it not matter to the board that many of us depend on these summer routes?

Petermann Transportation came into this district at the worse time, when we first went on three sessions split. They have worked hard for not only this district but their employees. They go above and beyond to show their appreciation for what their employees do. In return we give our best to our company and to the children we transport. Appreciation goes along way in keeping morale up in a stressful job. Twice the union has been voted down since Petermann has been in the district because we value Petermann’s open door policy and their willingness to do for us. If Groveport  Madison plans to take busing back within the district will we continue to get the same perks and appreciation? Why aren’t the drivers ever questioned or included in the district’s plans?

The routing person that Petermann was paying, who now is a Groveport Madison employee making more money, has a difficult job. When she was located at the bus garage where we all had access to her to handle the many changes that occur daily she could not keep up with the work load.  She had people helping her with her job.  So does this mean in the near future you will be spending more of our tax dollars to hire an assistant? And does it mean the drivers will now be coming into the administration building with all our changes and corrections? I don’t believe the parking lot is big enough! So let’s just spend some more tax money to enlarge it!

Three board members think this is being frugal. I think it once again has hurt the district’s chance of passing a levy for the things our kids really need and deserve!

Jodie Oiler

Thanks from firefighters

On behalf of the Madison Township Firefighters Local 2507, we would like to thank everyone who came out to support our annual guest bartending/serving event for MDA held at Shade on the Canal in Canal Winchester.

This years event raised approximately $3,200 for MDA, an increase of $1,200 from last year’s event.

A special thanks goes out to the owners, managers, and staff of Shade on the Canal for their continued support of  our events.

Hope to see you next year.

Remember our annual Fill-the-Boot campaign in Groveport and Canal Winchester on Aug. 29 from 3-7 p.m. Look for us in the intersections of Gender Road/Winchester Boulevard and Main Street in front of the Kroger in Groveport.

Madison Twp. Firefighters Local 2507
Madison Township

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