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Give me a break

As a Canal Winchester resident, I would like to comment about the continuous efforts of the Canal Winchester school board to raise our taxes. We vote against it and they keep putting it back on the ballot every election.

We already pay some of the highest taxes in the state, yet it’s never enough for the school board. They get way more money than most schools throughout Ohio, and need to learn how to budget better. They act like a $500 dollar tax increase is no big deal, but it is when gas is $4 a gallon and still climbing. If a family can’t meet their bills they don’t have the option of voting on a raise, they just have to cut out unnecessary expenses. The board claims it’s $272 per $100,000, but the average home here is $200,000 so that means $544.00 which to me is a lot, and to many could mean struggling to buy food and gas.

I don’t like how the school uses pressure tactics like making kids walk as a means of twisting arms to vote for the tax increase, when I know good and well they could cut a lot of foolishness out of the budget instead. They are all overpaid for what they do, but instead of taking a pay cut they would rather make a kid walk two miles. I like to see their wages and the budget be made public, let us see what they’re spending it on and I bet we can find a lot of waste.

Come on Canal Winchester Schools; give me a break.

Wendell Collier
Canal Winchester

Why obtain buses?

I am writing in response to the article, "GM schools to obtain bus fleet," published in the July 21 Southeast Messenger.

As a community member and taxpayer, I am confused. One minute we are hearing how the Groveport Madison school district is in such financial trouble, and then all of a sudden we have money to buy buses?

Don’t get me wrong, I guess that in the long run I can see how saving $748,000 would be wonderful, but maybe the timing is wrong.

I agree 100 percent with board members Dr. Naomi Sealey and Mary Tedrow when they expressed their concern in asking the community to pass a levy after spending $2.2 million on buses. Petermann Transportation, which is presently under contract with the distrct, has already supplied the buses and maintained them up to this point. According to the article they are still under contract until 2011.

Also, what about the money used to hire a coordinator of student transportation? This is the same person who currently does the routing for Petermann. Why would the board want to pay her to do the same job she is doing now, only Petermann is paying her? She will be routing the same bus routes, only at a different place – the administration office. None of this makes sense to me.

Board member John Kershner said the vote sends a clear message of who on the board has a tax and spend mentality and who has a frugal, solid business management mentality. Also, board member Duane Dailey said he thinks the public will see the board is being frugal. Well guess again.

Those of us who live here, have children in schools here, and are asked to pass a levy here, think otherwise. We want our children to have a good education. We don’t care who owns the bus they ride to school on, as long as they are safe. Let’s get back to the basics of what school is all about.

My hat is off to the two board members who voted against the leasing and buying of buses. Keep up the good work. As for the rest of the board, maybe you should listen.

Marcy Hamilton

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