Letters to the editor

New is not always better

I grew up in Columbus, and loved going down to Cooper Stadium. My son just went for his first time, and he loved it, as well. Basically, it was a place to escape to. It was exciting and fun to watch the fireworks at the game. We saw a couple of concerts there, including the final tour of the Judds.

Now they are looking to turn Cooper Stadium into a motorsports complex? With the new stadium, how much will the price increase? What are the players’ thoughts on the change? How would Columbus’ Mayor Coleman feel if his home was to be decorated with smoke and increased sound and traffic from the motors?

Numbers and numbers of places in Columbus have been torn down, and hardly any historical sites exist anymore. The ones that do, no one knows about, like the burial grounds for the old sanitarium on West Broad Street. Historical markers are barely noticeable in Columbus. Everything back there has changed, nothing is sacred. Then when new things are built, no one can afford the new excitement and even the new disappears.

We are active duty Army, stationed at Fort Dix, N.J. Coming home was such excitement, but any more, things have changed for the worse, not the better. The historical parts in Columbus are disappearing. New is not always better. At least Fort Hayes is one place saved…to a point.

Laura Rader Cooper
Fort Dix, N.J.

An opportunity missed

Recently I went to the movie "WALL-E," which was very good. I liked its main point about there being too much trash on the Earth and people having to live in space for many years. The people had to use robots to clean up and to find out if plants could grow again on Earth before they could come back.

But when my mom bought our tickets, my sister and I were offered free plastic watches. This made me wonder because these watches are mostly going to run out of batteries and going to end up in the trash. If they had to give out something, they could have given out something else that fit better with the movie, like a reusable shopping bag or a packet of seeds.

I think they missed a good opportunity to save some trash.
Matthew Metzloff, age 7
Canal Winchester

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