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ADAMH endorses MRDD levy

As chair of the board of trustees for ADAMH, the Alcohol, Drug and Mental Health Board of Franklin County, I encourage everyone to vote for Issue 29, the Franklin County Board of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities (MRDD) replacement levy, on the March 4 ballot.

ADAMH is committed to supporting the Franklin County Board of MRDD, our sister agency, and my fellow board members and I have officially endorsed Issue 29 by passing a resolution at our January meeting.

Issue 29 is the Franklin County Board of MRDD’s 3.5 mill replacement levy that allows for the continuation of basic services provided to children and adults of all ages who have mental retardation or other developmental disabilities, many who need lifelong services on a daily basis.

The Franklin County Board of MRDD has a history of providing quality programming and serves more than 13,000 children and adults each year, through programs provided throughout our community, including early childhood education; schools for children who have multiple handicaps; employment and job training; supported living and service coordination services for individuals and their families; and services for senior citizens who have mental retardation or other developmental disabilities.

The number of individuals receiving services through the Franklin County Board of MRDD continues to increase at a rate of three to five percent per year due to growth in our community, changes in eligibility standards, improved medical technology and increased awareness. Passage of Issue 29 will help the board of MRDD provide vital services and programs for the increasing number of children and adults in our community seeking care for mental retardation and other developmental disabilities.

The Franklin County Board of MRDD and ADAMH work together to help children and families in Franklin County. I urge all Franklin residents to vote for Issue 29 on March 4.  


Thomas J. Bonasera, chair
Board of Trustees
ADAMH of Franklin County

The right thing to do

There are some things in life that are just the right things to do and that is why I am supporting the passage of the Protective Services Levy which will be on your ballot March 4.

Fairfield County has fallen behind dreadfully over the past 10 to 15 years in our ability to protect not only abused children, but abused adults as well.

We are a proud community with an illustrious history and we owe it to ourselves to make sure that we provide the necessary resources for care of the most helpless in our community.

I urge you to make that possible by voting "yes" for the Protective Services Levy on March 4.

Barbara Curtiss
Fairfield County Auditor

Support Pickerington schools

We’re writing to urge you to vote for Issue 9 – the "no new taxes" renewal levy for the Pickerington Local School District.

If passed, the voters will renew (or continue) to pay what they approved in 2003.

It is imperative this levy pass. Why?  Here are a few reasons.

•Let’s face it. Most of us moved to Pickerington, or continue to stay in Pickerington, because of the great schools.  Let’s keep them great.

•It’s "no new taxes."  We won’t be paying a dime more than what we are current

•It is needed. This levy generates $7.15 million for the operation of our schools, meaning it pays for teachers, transportation, technology, and textbooks.

•$7.15 million is a chunk of the school’s operating budget. Without it, the schools will have to make major cuts – including approximately $3 million in cuts from the 2008-09 school year beginning this August!

•And the last reason to vote for Issue 9 is because it’s the right thing to do – for our kids and our community.

Please join us in voting for Pick Kids and Issue 9 on March 4.

Nate and Wendy Hux

We the "sheeple"

As this farce of a political campaign continues, the people ("sheeple") are still as gullible as ever, unaware they have been disenfranchised for years. Again we are experiencing a media driven campaign.

The media has always promoted John McCain and the Clintons, no matter how disingenuous and egregious they can be or have become. Watching the debates from time to time, the monitors, either by plan, or consequential pas faux (which is doubtful) have ignored Ron Paul, Fred Thompson, Tom Tancredo, and hammered Mitt Romney. Eventually, they will maneuver with words, deeds to position McCain as front runner, leaving the "sheeple" with a choice of either voting for McCain or Hillary (and Bill).

If there is a space on the ballot for a write in candidate, I urge the voters who show up to write in Donald Duck, or any other Disney character they wish. Even Britney Spears would be preferable to the choices we have now.

Dale E. Lauffer

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