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Next year, Kambree’s Kids will help local folks

Once again our wonderful community pulled through for Kambree’s Kids, benefiting Nationwide Children’s Hos-pital. Through the hard work of volunteers who show up without being asked, you raised over $30,000. That brings the total amount for the past five years to over $90,000. That is a remarkable sum of money. See some pictures from the benefit at www.kambreeskids.com.  

How does our family thank all of you for your hard work and dedication? This paper is not large enough. When WCOL and the World Tour was at VFW Post 7005 on Nov. 9, over 30 volunteers showed up at 4 a.m., some even taking the day off of work, to feed over 350 people. You came early this past Saturday, bringing food and auction items, helping keep food trays filled or emptying trash.

For all the Realtors who try to sell real estate in Madison County, you need to point out the biggest asset to living in our community: the greatness of the hearts of our citizens. I believe you could look this country over and not find better people. Why would anyone not want to live here?

Without the membership of VFW Post 7005 allowing us the use of the post and without the support of the men’s and ladies’ auxiliaries, none of this would be possible. Also, the good people from London Eagles Aerie Post 950, VFW Post and American Legion Post 105 all came to support us with donations and auction items.  Tom Coughlin’s donation of a 2000 GMC truck to raffle accounted for $10,000 of the money that was raised.

 When Kambree died, our hearts were broken and we thought there was no way we would ever be the same again. We were right. Because Kambree lived, because of this outpouring of love through Kambree’s Kids, because of all of you, we are better people than we were and stronger than we ever thought we could be. Because Kambree lived, lives have been touched, hearts have been touched. Kambree Michelle Dillon, through all the hard work and effort of all of our supporters, has made a tremendous difference to people we will never know. We have Kambree’s Kids t-shirts that sum it up: “Truly, there is no hand so small that it cannot make an imprint on the world.”

Our grandchildren know all about their cousin, Kambree; even the ones who were not born before she died. They know we love her and miss her and that she is waiting for all of us in heaven. Every time I have my grandchildren with me and we are doing something fun, we know that Kambree is with us because at some point in the day we will look down and see a penny. Excitedly they will exclaim, “Kambree’s here!” After all the excitement and partying on Saturday, when we went in to clean the community room on Sunday morning, right in the middle of the dance floor was a bright shiny penny!

That’s Kambree’s penny to all of you.

Kambree’s Kids is held every year on the Saturday after Thanksgiving at VFW Post 7005, but next year our fundraising will be changing directions. When we see all the money that we have sent to Children’s Hospital, which is a very worthy institution, we then wonder exactly how much difference we could make in the lives of the members of the Madison County community by keeping the money local. There are many good organizations who could use the money we raise to make life better. Some have told me we will lose support; others say we will have more support.

No matter what we raise next year, we will have a great party and a lot of fun, and Kambree will make a difference in the community into which she was born and where she died. I’m pretty sure I can hear her saying, “Way to go!”

On behalf of the family of Kambree Michelle Dillon, thank you!


Pat and Nena Dillon
West Jefferson

Pantry issues tired thanks

I am tired as I write this, but I want to get it written while the feeling is fresh. I have just returned home from Food Thru Faith pantry, where I and several others sorted and shelved food items. The students at London Elementary School collected over 1,700 food items to be shared with those in need of sufficient daily food.

The generous spirit of the students and staff was so contagious that it rubbed off on us. When the students presented the food to us, it was evident their hearts were in it. They were all smiles as they lifted and loaded heavy boxes (not to mention they were out of class for a few minutes), but they were really happy to be participating as caring citizens of our community.

I’m still tired, but I had to express our thanks to our wonderful students.

George Alexander

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