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Grocery store needed in WJ

I read with interest the letter from Tom Sheerin Sr. regarding the lack of a grocery store in West Jefferson.

I am 83 years old, and I believe this is the first time in my lifetime that our town has never had a grocery store. At times, we have even had two or three. I have always lived in this area, and it is a shame that we now have to drive 10 or 15 miles to buy groceries. In the past, we have had Kroger, A&P, Red & White, Brennan’s, Darby Lane IGA, Super Duper, Cardinal Market, and at times we even had a fresh meat market in town.

Where in the world are our village leaders? Surely they have the contacts to encourage one of the various grocery chains to locate here. If our little village of 40 or 50 years ago with the population of that period could continuously sustain one or more grocery stores in our town, we most certainly should be able to support one now.

Thank you, Mr. Sheerin, for bringing to light the need for a grocery. I am sure this matter has created a big problem for the handicapped and elderly who always have had to depend on someone to get them to the grocery. I am fortunate that I can still drive and get my groceries but I know for some others it has become a difficult matter.

Mr. Sheerin also mentioned the incoming industry in our area, but how long do you suppose these people will continue to support a town with no grocery?

Delores J. Frey, West Jefferson

Support lifelong learning, support the library

As a lifelong resident of London, I’m pleased to write in support of the London Public Library. We are fortunate to have such a high quality library, which provides the resources and services for all the needs of our diverse community. From elementary students writing book reports, to senior citizens working on the family tree, or just stopping in to pick up a video for fun, the London Public Library is the place to go.

As an educator, the library has been a valuable resource for me personally. From providing children’s literature as a reading teacher to research materials while working on a master’s degree, the library has been there to assist in any way possible. It is the hope of educators to build a community of lifelong learners, and the broad range of materials and services available at our library truly make this hope a reality.

We in London can be proud of our library. However, in order to continue to provide such a quality resource, we must support the upcoming levy. I take this time to ask you to vote in favor of the London Public Library on Nov. 6. A vote for the levy will be a step to ensure future generations the same opportunity to become the lifelong learners that we have been blessed with in our lives.

Please vote for the London  Library

Mike Wilson, London

Levy is bargain

Stop by the London Library to see the many services that are offered. Your vote for the 1.2-mill replacement levy will ensure the library’s ability to continue providing our community with excellence. For approximately 10 cents a day, it is quite a bargain. Register and vote.

Mary Louise Strine, London

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