Letters to the editor

Beware of crimes during the holidays

Happy Holidays! We hope this season finds you and yours happy, healthy and prosperous.

We also hope this season finds you vigilant. Every police officer can tell you that we see a spike in property crimes over the holiday season. While most of us shop at Easton Town Center, Polaris Fashion Place or other favorite shopping outlets, there is an element of our society who shops in our neighborhoods in the wee hours of the morning while most residents are fast asleep.

This seasonal peak in property crime combined with the well publicized economic crisis make for a perfect storm for the complacent victim.

Please make extra effort this year to secure your property. Do not leave items of value exposed in your car, even if the car is parked in your driveway.

I read police reports nearly every day about residents who leave laptop computers, GPS devices, wallets, checkbooks and other items of value in plain view in their car only to become victims of thieves who slip into our city under the cloak of darkness.

I read reports each week about residents who leave their cars, garages and even their front doors unlocked and become victims.

I hear people say, "I have lived here forever and have never locked my front door or garage door."

Please, secure your property. Believe me, criminals are lurking, looking for an opportunity. No community is immune from this plague.

Your police department is vigilant, dedicated and very experienced. The men and women of this agency are good at what they do, but they can’t be on every street watching every car and door all the time. We need your help.

Please secure your property, keep your cars locked and your valuables out of sight. Lock your doors, windows and garage doors. And, call your police department when you see something suspicious.

Our non- emergency number is (614) 559-4444.

Together we can make this a safe, happy, and prosperous season for everyone except those with criminal intent. Thank you.

Larry Rinehart
Bexley Police Chief

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