Letters to the editor

Correcting the governor
In the article, “DeWine lifts pandemic health orders,” published in the May 16 Groveport Messenger, the writer accurately described Governor Mike DeWine’s position as the governor literally said, “Those individuals who are vaccinated can no longer get the virus and can no longer spread it.”

That, unfortunately, is not true. According to the CDC, there will be breakthrough cases, such as the eight players from the New York Yankees testing positive for COVID post vaccine. The CDC states there is some evidence that taking the vaccine may lessen symptoms should you get COVID, but it is false and misleading to state the vaccine offers blanket protection. Hopefully the governor will correct this misinformation.

Carla Brown

That’s not us
If you are a fan of a local professional sports team, you may have noticed the rebranding of Fox Sports Ohio and Sports Time Ohio. The new entity is Bally Sports.

We have received a fair number of questions from our customers, so we wanted to confirm that we, Bally Sports Group, have no affiliation with the Regional Sports Networks. That lack of an affiliation hasn’t stopped lifelong sports fans around the nation from contacting us directly with questions about how to watch their team, suggestions on how to improve the viewing experience, and even requests to terminate on-air talent (nice rant, Bruce Drennan).

Although we have gotten a kick out of the name similarities, we’ve now started to receive negative reviews from sports fans on our company, even though they are actually intended for the regional sports network. We are working with our consultants and management team on how to best rectify the situation.

In the meantime, if you have had a good experience at one of our programs, we would really appreciate if you would take a minute to leave a review about Bally Sports Group on Google. We appreciate your support!

Bally Sports Group

Someone you should know
I have worked with the Preschool Team at Groveport Madison Schools for the past number of years, so I know and have communicated with all the preschool teachers. But up until this year, I never really got to experience first hand – until the district established Lil’ Cruiser for preschool in a building beside the administration office to use for our preschool students – the amount of dedication and fun learning that Sheila Downing puts into her class.

On any given day you might see the students lining up in the hall to see how many students it takes to make a dinosaur or getting to use the paints while learning the colors of the rainbow. Getting their pictures taken with the seeds that have turned into plants is another fun one, or the magnifying glass in the back of her fish tank to the students can see the fish up close.

All the fun and learning these students have makes this a great environment for all. All our preschool teachers are amazing, but I believe Sheila Downing is Groveport’s “Ms. Frizzle!”

Roberta McDonnell

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