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Thanks for your support
I would like to thank the thousands of supporters who voted for me in this year’s race for state representative (25th Ohio House District). Although I am disappointed in the outcome, I am proud of the effort so many of my neighbors and other volunteers put in to helping me make the case that job creation and economic development needs to be at the top of the public policy agenda for our community.

Long after the campaign season has passed, I will remember many of the personal stories I heard from residents. For them, and others, it is imperative that our district have the most effective representation possible.

While I will not be serving the area in an  elected capacity, I will continue to search for other ways that I can serve my neighborhood and the district. I have done that for nearly 15 years as a community volunteer and see no reason to change that now. Thanks again for your support. I will always appreciate the trust you placed in me with your vote.

Daryl Hennessy

School board needs to hear from us
Our Southwestern City School’s board needs to hear from all of us. Now.

They will not want to hear from us. Right now steps are underway to muzzle permanently the voices of ordinary people during school board meetings. A policy change is under consideration that will mean an end to the present public participation at meetings.
Our freedom of speech and the desire for public participation at public events is being taken from us.

Please call your board members right away to prevent this usurping of rights in favor of streamlined administration.

Stop this attempt at the shutting down of public communication and active participation.
Let all our voices be heard. This is important.

Rick Redfern
Grove City

I think I see a connection
The South-Western City Schools Board of Education and the administration wonder why the levy and bond issue failed.

Now they are introducing policy to limit taxpayers speaking at a board meeting. I think I see a connection. Too bad they don’t.

Four of the five board members need to wake up and see that this policy is not good for openness and will continue to leave the perception among the public that the board and administration have something to hide.

Mindy Garverick says “Public participation is a very crucial part of the meeting. I feel this puts another layer between the public and the board.” Then she votes for the measure. I don’t get that at all.

Randy Reisling needs to be commended for voting no on this policy. He sees the big picture and knows this vote is not good for South-Western City Schools.

Joseph Kocks
Grove City



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