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Something doesn’t seem quite right

I have issues with two comments made in the article titled “resident questions township spending” in the Oct. 27 edition of the Westside Messenger.

One is when Troy Justus questioned each trustee to ask if they were in “favor of raising taxes,” the comment by Trustee Chairman Tim Guyton was, “What I do behind the curtain is nobody’s business.”

And when Mary Neymeyer questioned the method the township uses to publicize special meetings because she did not see anything was posted regarding the Oct 14. special meeting, again Timothy Guyton said “The newsletter was drafted prior to a decision to have the special meeting and no one in the township is aware of or required to tell people about township meetings other than township trustees.”

He later went on to say the trustees are required to post special meetings 24-hours ahead of time and that the notice should include the date, time and topic of the meeting.

I went to the Franklin Township Web site and there was another executive meeting scheduled to be held behind closed doors on Oct. 30. I guess the public wasn’t allowed.

Holding secret meetings? Behind closed curtains?

Even though it is small town politics, it seems like big town issues.

Something doesn’t seem quite right.

Sandra Langendorfer, Columbus



Glad the levy didn’t pass

I am so glad the South-Western City Schools levy did not pass, because we the people can’t afford anymore taxes.

The district will put it right back on the ballot in May, 2009. The people need to keep turning it down. There will never be an end to the district wanting us to support the schools. The are not worried about us – the only thing they want is the big nice buildings and their pay raises.

It makes me sick when they use the figure of a $100,000 home. Where can you buy a home for $100,000? The people that are moving into this district need to pay all the taxes, not the people on a fixed income.

It is time for us to stand up to the district. They will find the money somewhere. If we the people keep turning them down, they will find other means to support the schools. But if we belly up and pass the levy because they try to make us feel sorry for the kids, well who’s going to pay my bills when I can’t? Not the district. Wake up people.

Jenny Pack, Grove City



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