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Give a gift with your vote

Recently I have read with interest several letters running in the paper regarding the bond and levy issue to be included on this November’s ballot for South-Western City Schools. Often I am appalled at the response.

Those of us who are currently in our 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s enjoy the fruits of sacrifices made by previous generations. We were given fine, up-to-date schools to attend with what was the best technology of the time. We were given adequate education for the economy we were to enter. Through those sacrifices and gifts, we were able to help create and sustain the powerful nation and economy of our country.

Now it is our turn to repay those gifts. The proceeding generations knew that the future they provided would not pay them back, it would and should repay the sacrifices by “paying it forward.”

We, as a generation, have never had to sacrifice as those working during the Great Depression and World War II. Now that our opportunity comes to do something for our kids, grandkids, and our community, what do we do? Give the gift knowing that we will not be here to see the power of its growth, or withhold the gift in order to have a bigger vehicle or keep our air conditioner set at 70 degrees all summer? I for one will give the gift, for our children, our community and all of us.

Colleen Cunningham
SWCS district resident


 Kindness is still out there

My 17-year-old-daughter was involved in an accident on Aug. 5 around 7:15 p.m. at the intersection of Binns and Wicklow in the Westgate area. To the gentleman that pulled my daughter from her vehicle, the woman that called me and took care of my daughter until I got there as well as everyone else that witnessed, consoled or helped out in other ways, I wish to thank you. 

I wanted to thank each of you personally, but due to the circumstances, I didn’t get the chance. I thank God that there are generous and wonderful people like you still out here in this world that take the time to help others in their time of need. You are greatly appreciated!

Michele Clay


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