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Clime Road follow-up

I am writing again as a follow up to my June 7 letter concerning the several houses on Clime Road that are vacant. These houses are not in city limits, as I noted. They are zoned as Franklin Township.

I was finally able to speak to the Franklin County Engineers office and found out that the houses are not scheduled to be leveled for at least three more months due to waiting on funding from the federal level.

The engineers office informed me that the fire department had been doing some training drills in the homes and that would explain the windows in the second stories being removed and some other  minor things. It is still very obvious that these homes are still being vandalized. The engineers office also told me that they were scheduled to mow the grass as soon as the rains had stopped. Also they were to re board up the houses. The rains have stopped and the grass is still tall, the one home’’s front door is standing wide open for anyone to enter, nothing is being done as I was informed it would be. I was also informed that the only way to stop people from getting into these houses would be to put an officer on the premises 24/7.

I still find this time line of three months unacceptable. I think it would be prudent to the county to level these homes sooner and stop the vandalism now. The problem would go away if the houses were demolished sooner. 

Our neighborhood deserves better.


Dawn Griffith

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