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When will enough be enough?

Once again it’s not enough.

I knew after reading about the funding in South-Western City Schools that they would be asking for another levy that would increase taxes or something that affected the working class and seniors – which I am. Just a couple of years ago, they got the levy they requested that caused a hefty tax increase for all of us. That wasn’t enough. The next year, they tried for another. Go figure. Obviously, they don’t know how to budget what they have.

In a perfect world, wouldn’t it be nice if we poor people could ask for a financial increase and hit up everyone else to give it to us. We are not only asked to fund the schools, but we have to pay for gas, food and home heating. Unfortunately, we cannot ask for an increase of any kind. We have to do without.

Maybe the school system should consider themselves lucky to have their already appropriated money plus their budget. They should do like us – learn to budget better or go without.

People, do not pass another levy for South-Western schools. If we don’t take a stand on some of these increases, we will suffer the consequences. They are just going to have another excuse to ask next year. They’ve already proven that.

Of course if you go ahead and support a levy, you’ll get hit with another tax increase. But I’m sure the district would pay your mortgage, groceries or your gas bill. Not!

S. Thomspon
South-Western City Schools district


Media picking on Papa John’s employees 

While browsing through a recent edition of the Westside Messenger, I ran across a cartoon depicting the Papa John’s “fiasco.” The media has depicted Papa John’s employees in an unfair manner. The employees of these franchises were not given enough notice or supplies from their national corporate office, and were thrown in the line of fire for something that they had no control over. I witnessed Papa John’s employees being incredibly disrespected by their customers. Employees were spit on, had things thrown at them, were subject to filthy language, and were threatened with violence. The media was concerned with a headline and they ran a biased, one-sided view of what took place. Papa John’s employees stepped up and did everything in their power to control the situation, without so much as a “thank you” from headquarters. Remeber, people run these companies. They did the best they could with what they were given. 

Melissa Barrett


Clime Road houses cause for concern

I am writing in regards to several houses on Clime Road (2623, 2599, 2593, 2589, 2581). These homes are owned by Franklin County. I understand that these houses are scheduled to be demolished in a road widening effort, however, these homes need to be torn down as soon as possible. It seems that every time drive past them, more boards, siding and windows have been taken off the homes and it is obvious that someone is doing damage to these buildings. It is just  a matter of time, in my opinion, before one or more is set on fire. 

I have contacted the mayor’s office and commissioners office and all I receive is no reply and voice mail. I am pleading for the people of the Westside to contact these offices and push to have these homes torn down sooner.

Thank you fellow citizens.

Dawn Griffith


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