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District asking too much

Listen up! The South-Western City School District wants to put not one, but two levies on the ballot this year. It’s not for the price of one either. They still haven’t covered the cost of the additional personnel  in these figures either so that would be next year.

This should tell the people something when the district can’t come up with figures on how they’re going to do all of this except to once again hit us and raise the taxes. Didn’t we just go through this a couple of years ago and the same year after the first levy passed they tried to put another one through too? Every year they need more money but who doesn’t. The reason is because they can tax us more to get it. Seems to me they need someone to help them budget and quit punishing us for their incompetence.

If it wasn’t for the Columbus Messenger making us aware of these levies South-Western would try to slip them through as usual.

I mean what’s another $70  to $80 a month tacked on to our taxes after what was put on two years ago. Then we can add the additional $25 more for each tank of gas and another $40 to $50 more for groceries each time we go. How about an additional $60 a month on our heating too. Then there’s our dental, health insurance, stamps and car insurance, but who cares right – that’s our problem.

For a change it would be nice if The Messenger reported on how the people feel about his. We’ve heard the schools complain that we need permanent building not modulars, the rising gas prices, and so on and so forth. However, the media has yet to address the people on the rising costs of everything and it’s killing us too.

Why are we supposed to make cuts and go without. Why shouldn’t the schools do the same. We aren’t fortunate to be able to get additional funding like the schools do, but we have to make due. Heaven forbid the schools should learn to do this. How about thinking about the people who are barely existing?

The people don’t seem to count. Who cares whether were in the negative figures or not?

I’m sure the district would come to our aid when we can’t pay our medical insurance or afford gas for our cars. Not!

Diane Thompson   
Grove City

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