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Expecting extra cost

I don’t see the total financial picture in the article “SWCS facilities plan tops $400 million” in the May 5 edition of the Westside Messenger. 

It stated what the additional  buildings would cost tax payers but what about the operational and staffing costs that will be incurred to maintain these structures? I imagine that will be a figure equal to or greater than the annual cost of the buildings. The figures also do not include future increases for current operating funds of the present infrastructure.

In recent years, the state Supreme Court has ruled that the current method of financing the school systems is unconstitutional so why are we proposing to use these methods?

The source for this funding for the public sector would come from seniors, downsized and unemployed citizens, many without health insurance to support this program.

Steve Fedan

Pleasant Township



A peach of a pooch

Recently, I had an apppointmnet at Doctor’s Hospital on West Broad Street. Later, while waiting in the lobby for my ride home, I experienced a pleasant surprise.

A lovely lady approached me, accompanied by a beautiful large poodle and entertained me for the next half-hour. The dog’s name was Reagan, and it sat next to me while the lady told me the history of the breed of dog.

Words cannot express how wonderful this ministry is for the patients having care while at the hospital. I understand these dogs are also used in nursing homes, libraries, etc.

It certainly broke up the monotony of the afternoon and I appreciate it so much.


Phyllis Orcutt


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