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Maybe it didn’t bite the dust

Like Ron Koziol (from the letter to the editor called “Another one bites the dust” is the March 31 edition of the Westside Messenger), I’m dismayed that El Naranjo, the Latino supermarket that for a time was located at Sullivant Avenue and Demorest Road, closed in March, on Easter Sunday.

However, like the Easter story, the good news is that El Naranjo is expected come back to life elsewhere on the Hilltop.

I have been told that the owner is moving the business into a vacant supermarket on Georgesville Road a bit south of est. Broad Street.

I wish the store all the best, and I look forward to resuming my shopping in a few weeks at the new location. I expect I’ll find what I found before: good prices, a friendly and fun staff and a chance to immerse myself in another culture, if only for a few minutes.

Kathy Hoke,



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