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Westside losing a lot

Dear Editor,

I am writing as a Westside resident who is upset to learn that the Georgesville Meijer  is closing. This is so upsetting on so many levels. Not only for my family, but for our local community. I understand that a new store in Grove City is being built, however, this isn’t convenient to those that live on this side of town. The Georgesville store is on the city’s bus line, and I know many families who depend on that bus line to get to where they need to go to buy food. I am so sad and disappointed to see the store close.  

We are losing the Clippers, Westland mall is almost empty, the Kmart building has been empty for years, Pep Boys is out of business, this side of town is losing so much so fast. We do not need another huge empty building sitting around to become an ugly eyesore and a rat hotel.

Dawn Griffith,


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