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Good for Prairie Township!

Dear Editor,

This letter is in refrence to the article "PT cleaning up graffiti," by staff writer Dedra Cordle, from the Oct. 1 edition of the Westside Messenger.

Marilyn Cook, coordinator of the Lincoln Village Residents Association, and others who are volunteering to clean up the township area, should be commended and thanked for their efforts. Volunteering and working on bettering this community, can be a tiresome and thankless job.

Besides graffiti,which costs cities and towns, millions of dollars in clean-up, another sore point with many residents of Prairie Township,is the habit of parking pick-up trucks,cars and motorcycles on the front lawn.

I’ve attended many Prairie Township meetings where the subject has been brought up numerous times – to no avail.

This was part of a proposal in the so-called Property Maintenance ordinance, but was defeated at the polls. The people do not want to be told what to do with their own property. Thus their neighbors and the rest of the community must suffer the consequences of a continuing eyesore and the disappearing of grass from the lawns. We are already seeing cars up on blocks. As though magnetized, the appearance of metal and plastic gas cans are attaching themselves to these vehicles.

This will encourage the appearance of refrigerators and more on front porches and eventually sections of Prairie Township, will begin to look worse and worse.

Dale E. Lauffer,


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