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A community “Thank you”

The Central Crossing band, as well as the boosters, would like to thank the community for its continued support.  

On Aug. 16 the band visited a few neighborhoods in small groups to perform and ask for local support. The community was very appreciative and very supportive.

This year the band is performing a show entitled “Into the Light.” The three part show features the songs “Liturgical Dances,” “Before the Throne Above” and “Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee.”

Once again, thank you to the community for all your support.

Central Crossing Band Boosters

Of course kids are out of shape!

CCS teachers say students are out of shape. Duh!

Of course they are out of shape, doesn’t anyone understand? We are living in Fat City, Ohio, U.S.A. No one walks anymore. The mommys and daddys provide “Taxi” service for their little chubby darlings. Whether it’s to go around the corner, or across the street,not a single one of these chubbies must exert themselves walking on the sidewalk – it would take away i-Pod time, or the games they play on those modules, which cause them carpal syndrum, and they have to go to the doctor and get a prescription for pain pills.

Oh, and let’s not forget the Ritalin pills they take. They must not be too “rowdy” in school, riding in the car, while shopping at the supermarket, or taking in a movie. The schools and parents, agree to keep their kids sufficiently “doped up” so we can have “well behaved” children at school and at home. Schools eliminate dodge ball, tag, hide-and-seek, and even ban recess altogether.

Parents could give their chubbies some good old-fashioned housework. Washing windows – good for elbows and shoulder joints. Scrubbing floors on their hands and knees – strengthens the shoulder muscles, and the back, and getting up and down, beats doing push-ups. Vacuuming the living room and bedrooms and having to lift chairs and other pieces of furniture out of the way takes care of weigh-lifting. Cut the lawn – good for the legs.

There are alternatives to everything, if the school administrators cut out exercising and games, then the parents will have to do the job of parenting and quit having social engineers and teachers raise their offspring.

Knock off the “political correctness,” the double standards and the social engineering. Let kids be kids.

American youth is weak, fat, frail and unhealthy, while Socialist and Communist countries continue to exercise their students with manual labor and competive games and spend hours in the gyms,training for the Olympics, and other atheletic endevours.

Dale E. Lauffer,

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