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Give the people back their fourth!

Dear Editor,

Shame on WABA! After the people of the Lincoln Village area gave up their Fourth of July holiday for 40 plus years to make a good holiday for this area.

First of all, the parade and festivities should be held on the holiday and not in June. When I think of how many Fourths of July my family and I spent building floats, cooking Italian sausages and hot dogs for the plaza as well as seeing many friends there, I feel disappointed.

It was fun, working with friends and  neighbors, just having a good time. Now WABA has decided that they are too busy to get into the community and enjoy themselves while getting to know their neighbors.  

If WABA doesn’t want to provide the Fourth of July celebrations that this area has become accustomed to, then they should give it back to the people of Lincoln Village.

Connie Glassburn,

Valleyview not communicating with residents

Valleyview has returned to the dark ages.  

As required by the Ohio Revised Code, resolutions and ordinances passed by the village council are to be posted in the village. The best that I can tell is that not much has been passed in over five months because no new resolutions or ordinances have been posted, though the monthly agendas that are posted state that the council is voting on legislation.

No news comes out of the village government other than flyers passed out giving little advance notice (if you even get one) of upcoming events and not allowing residents enough time to plan to attend.  

My last year on council in 2005 I saw to it that quarterly newsletters were sent out to keep residents appraised of what was going on in the village.  At that time Mayor Watkins could never find the time to provide any input for the newsletter. Under Mayor Watkins’ administration the newsletters have disappeared completely.  

First, the council and mayor stated that they would be sending out newsletters twice a year. Well, almost two years have come and gone and still no newsletter.   Even under former Mayor Graves’ administration, the village received the annual Halloween Newsletter Update. Mayor Watkins is the first mayor to not have sent out a newsletter for Halloween in over eight years.

It seems the council, mayor and fiscal officer do not have the time to do what is required and expected of them. Why is the law not being followed and passed resolutions and ordinances posted as required?  

Residents should take an interest in what is going on in the village and they would be helped in that endeavor if the fiscal officer would follow the law and post passed legislation and notices of meetings and the mayor and village council would share information with the residents.  

It has been quiet in the village, but in this case no news is not good news. I am asking that the village government to follow the law and do the jobs that they were elected too do.  

Paul Parrish,

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