Letters to the editor

What America means to me

To paraphrase a great man whose mother was an American, "Never has one country offered so much to so many."

That’s what America means to me.

My great grandfather came to this land with next to nothing. However, he and millions of others like him, found opportunity. Each succeeding generation has lived a better, more comfortable life, which probably would not have been the case in Ireland. As I enter my twilight years, my three grown sons enjoy the vocations they chose. Grandchildren look forward to the same chance.

Sure we face problems. When did they not exist? Remember, our country gained independence, healed itself after a civil war, fought others’ wars, came through difficult economic periods. Sometimes it gets pretty rough. But we are Americans. We’ll make it.

Jerry Callahan

Is all this necessary? 
I am a parent of four which three of my children go to Groveport Madison Local Schools. I am a Groveport graduate and a proud Groveport bus driver (obviously a taxpayer.) I am responding to the letter by Groveport Madison Board of Education President Dr. Naomi Sealey published in the Dec. 1 Southeast Messenger.

I am not up on all of the figures that were given out, but by looking at those numbers, that is exactly one reason why Groveport can’t get a levy passed. There is so much money wasted on issues such as transportation that could have been dealt with by a sit down meeting.  Petermann is a reputable company that would and could provide answers to any questions asked.  But instead someone felt the need to get attorneys involved to waste more of Groveport Madison Schools money. 

Honestly, is all of this necessary? In my opinion (and yes I know everyone has opinions) I don’t think so. If Groveport Madison was not happy with Petermann why was there another contract signed? 

The Groveport Madison Board of Education members need to wise up and figure out a better, educational way to spend taxpayers’ money.

Too bad our schools are not what they used to be.

Penny Bailey-Giesemann


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