Letters to the editor

Thanks Public Works!
We would like to thank the Village of Groveport, specifically, the Public Works Department, for their excellent clean-up service after the devastating wind storm on Sept. 14.  Their prompt and thorough pick-up and chipping of downed limbs and trees was certainly appreciated.  Their considerable effort made a difficult time much easier.
Mike and Lora Strongosky

Ghost Tour appreciative
The Canal Winchester Area Historical Society wishes to thank the following actors, guides, and greeters that made the 2008 Ghost Tour possible:
Mike Ippoliti, Patrick Murphy, Billie Conrad, Sue Brinkmeyer-Conrad, Dana Ippoliti, Reno Robinett, Linda Dillman, Paul "Zeke" Alspach, Charlie Graf, John-Robert Moore, Robert Hartman, Blake Harvey, Danny Jones, Robert Levi Moore, Brenna and Maggie Parsley, Alex and Anna Sims, Marilyn Rush-Ekleberry, Sherry Farmer, Jill Hartman, Pat Hartman, Bobbie Mershon, Carol Note, Andrea Murphy, Jenni Raymond, Valerie Sherman, Rachel Smith and Vicki Shaw.
Also thanks to our writers: Linda Dillman, Joy Habegger, Pat Hartman, Andrea and Patrick Murphy, and Vicki Shaw. The merchandise sellers were Sandra Beury, and Phyllis Metzger and our ticket seller, Paul Thomas.
Many thanks go to behind-the-scene workers and organizers: Beth Bayless,  Judy Fleming, Joy Habegger, Andrea Murphy, Carol and Tony Note, Jeanette Schneider, Vicki Shaw and Paul Thomas.
Thank you to Slate Run Historical Farm for the use of costumes and props, to Ms. Marci’s Sweet Treats for refreshments, and advertising monies granted to us by the Canal Winchester Convention and Visitors Bureau.
A special thanks to all the folks who bought tickets for a historical journey. The proceeds will go to maintain the Historical Complex and Grounds and the Barber Shop Museum.
Elaine Thomas
CWAHS member and chairperson

Madison Christian band was awesome
I just wanted to say that as a parent of a student at Madison Christian Schools, I am very proud of the excellent performance that their band gave at the Circleville Pumpkin Show.
After many long hours of hard work put in by these outstanding students, I have to say it really paid off. The dedication of their band director, Mrs.Julien, and the students makes me proud to say that I am a parent in this school system.
I also must congratulate the students on how they handled themselves with dignity and pride even though at times I know it was hard. I know that unfortunately, there were some people at the Pumpkin show who showed a great lack in manners toward these kids but they held it together like true professionals. For those of you who did not get to attend the performance you missed a great show,these kids were awesome! Congratulations!
Jennifer Bobst-Strickland
Canal Winchester

Teacher salaries must be competitive for good schools
Canal Winchester Schools is a business owned by the people who live within its district.
Although it is a service company, the product they produce is well educated, productive citizens. As with any business, you have to invest money to ensure your company’s future.
Someone recently wrote that they didn’t want to support the Canal Winchester levy because most of the money would go toward salary and benefits of the employees. It is true that about 85 percent of the budget for any school district in the nation is salary and benefits. We want the salary of Canal Winchester employees to be competitive with other districts so we can have the pick of the best and brightest teachers to hire.  If the salary remains next to the lowest in the county, the best employees will leave or good future employees won’t even apply for the position. Just with any business, we want great employees who stay.  In order to do this we have to offer more than just great kids to work with.
If teachers were just babysitters that we paid $5 an hour for 25 kids for five hours a day for the 180 days they work, we would owe them $112,500 a year. The teachers of Canal are great. They do so much more than babysit. They deserve a salary greater than what we pay them.
Douglas A. Darfus
Canal WInchester

Vote, but know the facts
Issue 6 – This would allow an out of state owner to have the only casino in Ohio. Ife we want gambling in Ohio let’s look to give it to the race tracks that have supported Ohio for years and provide jobs too numerous to mention.
Proposed tax levy for Bloom Township Fire – This is a replacement levy, not a renewal levy. It is advertised to be less mills and a reduction of the prior levy passed in 2004. The truth is that you will not be taxed on your 2004 home valuation. You will be taxed on your current valuation, which is almost in all cases higher than your 2004 valuation. The other fact is your house in 2008 and 2009 will be worth less than your present valuation and possibly even less than your 2004 valuation. This new replacement levy is also a permanent levy.
Canal Winchester school levy or any school levy – With the economy like it is today and will remain probably for all of 2009, how can we support any school levy? We will be living with less. One letter writer mentioned that the bulk of operating levies go to salaries and benefits. Are you going to get a raise? The schools should all do the same.
Larry Bigler
Canal Winchester

Paranormal group sought to educate
I have lived in Groveport for over 50 years and have been witness to the dramatic changes that have occurred during those years. I have also been a member of  the paranormal research group that contacted the village and was referenced in the story, "No ghost hunting allowed," published in the Oct. 20 Southeast Messenger.
We didn’t request permission to perform a paranormal investigation in the cemetery. What we did was request permission to hold a paranormal event for the community from the hours of 5:30-7:30 p.m. on Nov. 8. We were striving to give hands on demonstrations on some of the equipment that is utilized during our investigations and educate people on pananormal investigating and to also answer any questions that may arise during this event. 
No mention was made of conducting any investigation in the Groveport Cemetery. I have 20 plus family members and friends that have been laid to rest in this cemetery in no way would any member of our group desecrate or disrespect the sanctity of those laid to rest there. Our only intent was to provide education based on the increased media coverage over the last several years.
Michael Bryan

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