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Support Issue 77
All three of our sons received a fine education in the Groveport Madison school district. The youngest graduated from Groveport Madison High School in 1989. We knew then and know now that good schools help make a good community. My wife and I will vote "yes" on Issue 77, the Groveport Madison replacement levy. We urge you to vote "yes" also.
Here’s the situation. The Groveport Madison school district needs a little more money to provide textbooks and other supplies and materials to students. The levy dollars will also take care of building maintenance, student transportation, and extracurricular activities.
Okay, what’s the cost? Quite reasonable. Issue 77 is a replacement levy. The owner of a $100,000 house will pay only an increase of $6.64 per month. That’s just 22 cents a day.
Join my wife and me and vote "yes" on Issue 77.
Jerry Callahan

A father’s dedication to his children
This letter was given to my children on Oct. 7. It was my opportunity to express to them my gratitude for their efforts in school and my commitment to their education. I share this with you, in hopes that you consider the upcoming school levy and its importance to our children’s future.
"Dear Kids,
I want you to know that I am very proud of your efforts in school. Halie, you repeatedly have achieved Honor Society, been committed to leadership in both school and social activities (including dance and community service). Colton and Taylor (aka Peanie), you continue to work hard to complete your homework tasks and are starting a great trend of success that should permeate your entire scholastic career. I think it is important that you take pride in your school, just as I have found pride in you!
I want you to know that just as you commit to your school and your learning, I too will commit efforts to your learning process.  I will continue to support you by encouraging you to participate in school activities, extracurricular activities, tutoring, and any other means to make your school days memorable and successful.
I am very proud of you.  Keep up the good work.
Love, Dad"
Although the message seems so simple, it is complex in the sense of how we can achieve success as parents and a community. In a time of hard market, how do we increase spending for our schools? The answer comes quickly to my mind. Make a commitment that so many before us have made. Commit to our schools and commit to our youth. Commit to the education that will transform these young men and women into great adults. Commit to do whatever it takes to allow our children to succeed, as we were given that opportunity by generations before us.
We can quibble over details of why the schools should be funded differently by the State, debate the philosophy of how schools should budget its bond and operational expenditures, and discuss the impact that school funding has in direct correlation with our home values; but in the end the goal is the same. We should make a commitment to our schools, to our children, to our community, and to ourselves.
In a time when we are seeing the ripple effect of economic decisions of corporate America, we too will have a ripple effect if we don’t pass an operational levy soon.  Our schools level of education will suffer, our housing market in Canal Winchester will continue to decline providing a long-term impact on our investments, and our sense of community will be challenged with the shrinkage of families of school age children.  We are already seeing a decline in the enrollment into our school systems, a decline in housing prices, and a significant decline in our schools State Report Card.
I ask that you vote "yes" on this school levy, to help me and many others keep their commitment to their children and provide our children with a bright future.
Trevis Davie
Canal Winchester

Issue 77 won’t break the bank

Please vote for Groveport Madison Local Schools’ Issue 77. It is the price of a case of pop. Two gallons of gas. A pack of chicken. It is 6.64 a month (for a $100,000 home).
Please vote for Issue 77. I am a single income family with three children in the district. I want the best educational opportunity possible for not only my children, but all Groveport kids. They deserve the best. The taxes in Groveport have not increased due to a levy since 1997. It is time. It has been 11 years.
Please vote for Issue 77. I want our future doctors, lawyers, bank tellers, grocers, accountants, realtors, etc. to have had the best possible education that I could give them. Issue 77 won’t break the bank, but could make a huge difference in all our futures.
Penny Meier

Vote for the entire GM school district

Recent newspaper articles detailing Groveport Madison Board of Education discord have many community members upset and angry.
Am I frustrated with board members who bicker like children? Sure I am! They are most likely upset with themselves at times. Having a board of education that disagrees is merely a reflection of their passion.
I have seen many boards over the years as they have struggled with issues and agonized about making the right decisions. I tip my hat to them for serving in such an important and many times thankless position. If any of us  want to make a change in our current board, that opportunity will come in November 2009. Our upcoming election on Nov. 4 is not the time to vote for or against a board member. This will be a time to vote for the entire school district.
What is the difference between the school district and the board of education? Is the district a board of education, bricks and mortar, athletic teams? My definition of a school district would include all of these and more – community, kids, parents, teachers, and all the necessary support staff.
In the 40 plus years I’ve been a part of the Groveport Madison Local School District, I can’t remember a time when we have scored higher on state mandated tests and our district (all of our district) worked together any harder to help students achieve at a superior level. Congratulations to the entire district!
Please exercise your opportunity to vote for our school district’s levy, Issue 77, on Nov. 4.
Charles Barr, retired superintendent
Groveport Madison

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