Letters to the editor

Food Pantry says thanks

What a generous outpouring of help to our less fortunate neighbors on Sept 12!  

Football for Food was truly a community effort to benefit our local Food Pantry. From Susan Brobst and John Garrett, who coordinated the whole event, down to corporate sponsors, the schools, local businesses and their representatives, food pantry volunteers, Scouts and especially to all who donated food or cash, many people helped to make this a huge success. Thank you all – we are truly blessed to live in such a giving and caring community!

Janet Bristol, coordinator
CW Community Food Pantry

Thanks to those who helped

A special thank you to the street crew in Canal Winchester for the excellent job they did helping residence clean up after the storm Sept. 14. They went above and beyond their duty to help us. I hope everyone will stop and thank them for their dedication.

I also want to thank South Central Power for the job they did getting our electric back on line.

We are lucky to have these two services in our town.

Pat DeWitt
Canal Winchester

Less than 60 seconds

It takes less than 60 seconds to say the "Pledge of Allegiance."


I know we have bigger things to worry about than 700 Groveport Madison student signatures on a petition, but one must pick their battles. This is theirs. And so, it is mine as well.

At the Sept. 10 Groveport Madison Board of Education meeting, these students brought the petitions and were heard.  At least they spoke.  I think it may have fallen on deaf ears. The quick and just response should have been, "Yep, you are right GMHS students!  You should be saying the ‘Pledge of Allegiance.’"

It takes less than 60 seconds to say the "Pledge of Allegiance." People have fought and died for our right to say it as well as every other right we have in this country.  True, there are some who feel they should not be made to say it. Fine. Don’t. That is your right and while I may not agree with it, I will defend your right to believe that way.  But this is not about that right. Nope. This is about time. A school official has stated that, due to test scores, graduation rates, a 15 minute shortened day for busing and such, there is no time. Sixty seconds?  Seriously? How about morning announcements? That would be the time when all students are in a class and the goings on about the high school are gone over.  Before that is "The Pledge."  Or at least should be.  

I really don’t think that four minutes every day is going to take away from our graduation rate or OGT scores. In fact, it should in point of fact bring about a sense of community within the high school. Let the students say the "Pledge of Allegiance."  They are the future of  this country and they should be allowed to show their patriotism for it. Less than 60 seconds.  Now, find a flag. And say the "Pledge of Allegiance."

Teresa Burch  
Madison Township

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