Letters to the editor

Thanks to volunteers

On behalf of the Groveport Madison Schools I would like to thank all of the volunteers who participated in the Summer Lunch Program, especially Pastor Rob Spicer, Becky Emerson, Donna Drury and the Center for Groveport Madison Human Needs.  

To fulfill her dream of providing food for students, last May, Donna worked quickly organizing the entire program in two weeks. Bolstered by the sponsorship of Grace Apostolic Church on Cleveland Avenue and the support of the Center for Human Needs, the program was opened on June 16.  About 30 students were fed on a daily basis for 41 days at Middle School North. Many dedicated volunteers gave several hours each day to ensure that the food was ready for the students when they arrived and the school was clean at the and of the day.  This entire program was carried out at no cost to our district.

Beside the lunches, the students received much more from the adults than just food. They also were given real interest and compassion. At the end of the program, these community members dug into their own pocket and donated book bags filled with school supplies to these students.  Another adult in the community, Stephanie Jones, the director for the new Homework Help Center at the Southeast Columbus Library, came once a week to read or share library books.

We are truly grateful that members of our community are so supportive. Our students are growing up in an environment that nurtures and cares for its young people. Thanks to everyone who participated in this wonderful program.

Scott McKenzie, superintendent
Groveport Madison Schools

Great job public works employees

As a resident and employee of the village of Groveport, I want to thank our Public Works Department for another job well done.  

As soon as the trees started to fall during the windstorm on Sept. 14, our public works crew was out with tractor and chainsaw clearing the roads so that we could get by. I was out working at that time and know that other communities did not benefit from the quick response we received.

So often we take for granted the work that these people do behind the scenes to make our lives safer and easier. The village of Groveport is fortunate to have such a wonderful Public Works Department.

Josh Short

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