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CWAHS says thanks

On behalf of the Canal Winchester Area Historical Society, I want to thank everyone in the community who contributed to the success of our recent Ice Cream Social.  

Thank you to Kroger for  providing the ice cream, beverages and ice. Thank you to all the Society members who donated baked goods or cash and to everyone who attended the event and enjoyed the goodies and the wonderful entertainment provided by the Jeff Taylor Family. Mr. Taylor and his children, who were all dressed in  period appropriate clothing, provided three hours of fantastic Civil War era music.


All  proceeds from the event will be used to fund the operating expenses of the Society and the three buildings it owns, as well as the newly acquired Barber Museum.  

Finally, special thanks to all the volunteers who worked so hard to make this event possible.

Mike Ippoliti, president
Canal Winchester
Area Historical Society

Go TV free!

In her guest column regarding the coming switch from analog to digital TV (Senior Lifestyles, Sept. 8 in the Southeast Messenger), Antonia Carroll says we have three options: purchase a convertor box, purchase a digital TV or pay for a television service.

Actually we seniors have a fourth option – recycle the old television and go TV-free.

Instead of two or more hours a day in front of the "mind eraser" we could volunteer in our communities, get a job, learn something new (self-study, free college classes for those over 60, etc), become a reading tutor at a library or school, start and maintain a backyard or community garden, listen to music, pray, write a book, sit quietly and think, enroll in a class or do just about anything that doesn’t involve staring at the TV for hours on end.

It can be done. I went through a TV-free period of about six years some time ago, and it was amazing. It took me about six months of actual practice, but I experienced the joy of reading again (personally, I’m convinced the TV somehow re-wires our brains). During that time I never felt out of touch with what was going on in the world, and, I experienced a noticeable improvement in my attitude and general mood.


Chris Hogg

Getting the facts straight

As president of Groveport Madison School Board, I rarely write letters to the editor or respond when I feel that I have been wronged. However, I felt it was extremely important to respond to the letter "Ask school board about transportation woes," published in the Sept. 8 Southeast Messenger.

I believe our board needs to be held accountable for our decisions and spending. I encourage the community to become familiar with the voting records of individual board members before they write with a poison pen. What’s more, if they know the facts, they will know the truth.

Next, if you really wanted to ‘set the record straight,’ then the letter writer would have noted that when it came to voting for another attorney, I voted ‘no’ and the meeting was called while Mary Tedrow was on vacation. Nathan Slonaker, John Kershner and Duane Dailey voted to hire another attorney and majority rules. Moreover, note my comments in the Southeast Messenger on Aug. 18 stating, "Sealey said she believes the hiring of more attorneys is a ‘waste of taxpayers’ money?’  ‘We don’t need legal action. There’s a way to talk and settle disputes…’"

If one really wanted to ‘set the record straight,’ when it came to the vote to spend $2.2 million to purchase/lease buses Tedrow and I voted ‘no’! This information was also reported in the Southeast Messenger on July 21, "Sealey said she disagreed with obtaining 45 busses…The district needs an increase in funding…This puts the board in an awkward position with the community…" The school district has not spent one dollar on any buses since our Treasurer Anthony Swartz cannot certify we have the funds. Yes, let’s get the facts correct, we do not have the funds to purchase/lease any buses.

The person who was supposed to be hired for the router position is still on Petermann’s payroll and will stay there if I have any say so about that. Consequently, this is rather unfair to her since she is still at Petermann. Finally, our board has not gone to any classes to learn how to get along. I don’t know where the letter writer got this information; however, it is totally untrue! As board president, I have never spent any of the district’s funds on learning how to get along with others.

Yes, (it is my opinion that) there have been problems on the Groveport Madison School Board with individual board members who may have their own agendas. I have spent my entire three years on this board struggling to do what is right and just for our children. I can say our children, because it is my two boys, my grandson, granddaughter and over 5,000 other children who have to ride those buses. I resent any misrepresentation of me of making the poor decisions. I want my children to ride those buses and would not have them in our schools if I did not believe in the Groveport Madison School District.

As board president, I can offer my advice, leadership, express my concerns and do the best that I can do; I cannot force Nathan Slonaker, John Kershner and Duane Daily to make choices. They must follow their own consciences. It is imperative that residents seek the facts and look at each board member’s voting record.  

My term on the board will be up next year, as will John Kershner’s and Duane Dailey’s. I urge concerned community members to consider running for a board position if they truly have our children’s best interests at heart.

Dr. Naomi Sealey, president
Groveport Madison School Board

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